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I am a new store here on Shopify, looking for some constructive criticism and feedback on my store. I have been very successful on Etsy and now I am trying to expand my presence here on Shopify. Any help would be greatly appreciated....


Hi Studioandolina, 

I have just visited your website. Here are some feedbacks to make it better :)
1. Improve your page header and footer

- Reduce the height of the header and footer, so there is more space for you to show your page content. I see that now you make your header/footer sticky. So if the sticky header is too large, it may make your website visitors inconvenient.

- Make the format of the buttons in the menu header is not consistent and show these buttons in the same row. So, it will help your header professional.




2. Improve your Homepage

- Add the Testimonial section on your homepage to build the trust of customers. When people know that others love your products, they are more willing to make their purchases. 

- Add more sections to show your unique selling points and why people should buy your products. You should not only focus on showing your products on the homepage. You need to have more engagements with your website visitors before converting them into your customers. 

- Reduce the height of the "JOIN THE MAILING LIST" section to have more space to show other useful information. pp.png

3. Improve your page speed
Your page loading speed is quite low on both mobile and laptop devices. You can check it via Google PageSpeed Insights and find some improvement suggestions. You can also read this guide to know how you can optimize your page speed on the mobile view. In fact, your website visitors can quickly leave your website without making any purchases if they have to wait too long for your page loading.



I hope that the above feedbacks are helpful for you! :)



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Hi GA! Maggie, Shopify Expert here :) 


Congratulations on the new store and making it happen on Etsy :) It looks like your products are popular and people love them. Your website looks very appealing - and the lack of sales could be only due to marketing and traffic. Etsy by default has got huge marketplace, so it already supplies traffic. With Shopify, and a new independent store, you need to bring people to your doorstep yourself.


You didn't mention what do you do in terms of marketing - influencers, ads, SEO, blogging? Also, have you got Google Analytics enabled? This platform can give you a lot of answers as to where your traffic is coming from, and why visitors leave. I recommend monitoring your Google Analytics regularly to spot any patterns.


SEO and blogging are especially important if you want to grow organically - they are powerful and guarantee long term results [unlike ads], so if you're for a long haul, make sure to start working on the SEO and blogging, as they will pay off in the future with free organic traffic from Google. 


Here are a few guides that might help:



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Best regards,


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I see that you've already applied some of the advice given to you which shows a lot about your speed of implementation. 


Before I give you my input, can I ask what your current strategy is?