Feedback on our new store Please!

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Hey guys,

We just launched our new store yesterday and love feedback from you guys!

Let us know what you think!


JF & Viivan


Hello @JF_Mailhot, I'm Richard - CRO Expert at PageFly Page Builder. First of all, I would like to congratulate you and your store; I can see that you made a very well-done preparation. Here are some comments I would have:

  • Regarding your online store's look and feel, I see that your store has a very professional and modern interface. It has colors that are very suitable for your product.
  • As for the banner, I see you have a slideshow of excellent quality images. However, it seems the text information in these slides is not fully displayed on the desktop. Customers visiting the site will not see all the information that the Slideshow wants to send, but they will have to scroll down to see all. Your banner now contains full images of your product but doesn't have a CTA to create user interaction. You can also prompt for additional information about the product or product's promotional campaign.Screenshot of Field Made Co. - LIFESTYLE GOODS FOR PHOTOGRAPHERS & CREATIVES. (1).jpg
  • Regarding the Product page, you have a great product page. You might also want to consider adding some "real" and hand-on photos of the product to the page.
  • A few product videos on the page can make a good impression on your customers. It can also help customers visualize your products on the lens while increasing your store's page's aesthetics.
  • The images on this section on the Homepage link to the Homepage; they are not useful. I recommend you can blog about these topics, along with blogs about your product and brand. Blogging will be great for SEO and organic traffic.Screenshot of Field Made Co. - LIFESTYLE GOODS FOR PHOTOGRAPHERS & CREATIVES..jpg
  • I see you have an Instagram page with lots of high-quality photos. You can add these images to your Homepage using the Instagram section (if your theme supports it) or third-party apps. This combination will also be helpful for your store's Instagram page. You can also attract followers on the Instagram page with high-quality original images.
  • You can also add promotions to boost new products sale at launch. Bundle packages should also have promotional prices.
  • If you want to find leads, you can use Pop-ups to do this. The store's store page has a clean design, but it may have some blank space. A pop-up with promotional offers will attract customers, thereby filtering out potential customers.
  • A FAQ page will probably be needed for your site. This page can help you answer common customer concerns, save customers time to learn about product or brand, and shorten their journey. You can read this article to learn how to build a FAQ page.

That is my feedback; it would be great if they can be useful to you and Field Made. If you think you can take advantage of some of these Feedbacks, please press the like button.

I hope you and your store will be successful, cheerful!

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Wow! Thank you so much Richard for tacking the time to review our store! We will for sure review all the information you have given and make changes!!

Thanks again!