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Hello hoping to hear from some learned folk on what you think is and isn't working with our store! 


Also keen to meet specialists who can help us out! 



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Hey @!


Cal here from Shopify, thanks for reaching out to us. The Community would surely be delighted to offer you some feedback on your store! Can you provide us with a link to your site so we can take a look and share our thoughts? 



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Here you go!
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 Hi @Iona 


Really good job on launching your store. I think there isn't a ton to change, but I'm going to nitpick anyways, because there is always room for improvement :D.


I wasn't able to find reviews. It would be good to add reviews for your products. Think about it when was the last time you bought a product without reading the reviews first? I think you should definitely add some reviews.


After carefully reviewing I don't see social media links. Adding social media for your store can help people realize that they are dealing with a real person and organization and not just some faceless store


After carefully reviewing I don't see a sense of urgency. One of the main reasons why people don't buy from a store is because they feel like they can buy it whenever. A big thing that can help more of your visitors be turned into buyers would be by adding a sense of urgency to your store. One way to add urgency is to have a sale, and all sales need an end date. You can easily add a sale to your store with a countdown timer. One countdown timer that I recommend is .

After browsing your store I noticed I wasn't able to find a return policy. Would you buy from a store if you thought you couldn't return something? Maybe? But it would be helpful to have a return policy.


Nice job on your all of your hard work so far, and I'm sure that just a few minor changes will really help.


P.S. I created an email course at, after reviewing a bunch of stores I noticed that there are a few tips that might help, and I created an email list to help with it.

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Hi there,


It's Christiana here from OTM. Love your product! Here are my thoughts after taking a look at your site:


  • As already stated in this discussion, it would be great if you had a section or page for reviews of your bottle. Even going deeper here, I think it would be amazing if you created a bit more content about where your product has been featured on - Forbes, EveningStandard and Country Life. Maybe a quote from these platforms/screenshot from the article would do the job + the link to the feature. 
  • “THIS PLANET NEEDS ALL OF US” is a great call to action statement to have on site like yours. Perhaps link this section on homepage to an inner page to keep the momentum going. I would recommend linking it to “Shop” inner page. 
  • “Message in a Bottle” aka the newsletter section. I like the movement of the text on the red background, it really gets the attention. Would be awesome if you could add a sentence or two about what is this. Some not-so-advanced buyers might not understand that this is a section where they can sign up for the newsletter. If you would like to grow the email list even faster, adding a “Get 10% off when signing up for our newsletter” could do the job. 
  • I think it would be cool for you to link your Instagram with the site. This way customers can see that you post regularly some amazing pictures and see your product even in more ways. 


I very much like the good visuals throughout the site and attention to details. Good job!

Hope this helps!



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Great product and some nice product images. Wish the rest of the site had the same design style of your opening images. 

Here are some ways to make your store even better and make people want to purchase.


Homepage Feedback

    1. I would clean up the design of your homepage as not all your images have the same branding and style as your header image at the top of site. There is also a ton of white space that is not needed on the homepage. The scrolling text for the newsletter is overkill... adds no value. The design of your homepage could use a second look to make it tighter and beautiful

    2. Add links to your footer for return/refund, FAQ, and shipping policy. I didn't see these pages on your site and they are ones customers will look for

Product Page  Feedback

    1. Add a section at the bottom of product pages to show your other bottles from the site. That way people can see other products if they scroll to far down

    2. Move your customer reviews higher on the page

    3. Add a longer product description as this is how you convince someone to buy on your site. Plus it helps with SEO and ranking in organic search

    4. Add some lifestyle product images to help balance out the page

Your store just needs some tweaks to take it up a level.  Hope you found this helpful, if so please click "like" below to let me know.

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