Feedback on site please?

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Hi all, 


I have been getting really good traffic to my website, but am struggling to convert into sales. I have Klarna payments enabled (interest free credit options), Paypal express checkout and the normal shopify checkout, so I would think this would help me with the trust element. I also think the products I am selling are amazing and like nothing else out there - a 2-in-1 robotic vacuum cleaner AND wet mop?? If someone could tell me what I am missing, that would be great, I don't want to keep making changes, and I think an outside opinion would probably be best at this point! Many thanks in advance. My url is 



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Hi Jennifer I have 2 ideas that should improve your conversions:


1) Get a professional logo

Without it, your brand isn't as memorable and doesn't feel like a "real brand". People usually need to interact with your brand multiple times before purchasing, so good branding helps increase the chance they'll convert on one of those interactions.


2) Establish a connection with users

I couldn't find an About page or any brand messaging on the site. Without a brand / reason to buy from you, a user would likely just purchase from Amazon or a large marketplace. The strength of smaller brands / sites is the ability to connect with customers on a stronger level. Use that to your advantage.


I could create a nice About page and work on integrating story telling / brand messaging into your site to get people excited to purchase from you.


General Tips

3) Abandon Cart

If you don't have an abandon cart funnel I would set those up to capture a % of that traffic that almost purchased but didn't. I also like general email marketing funnel setups and cross selling (Klaviyo is my go-to).


4) Retargeting

Get your retargeting funnel dialed in to get more conversions from the people that visited but didn't buy anything. This is the best ROI I've seen on ad spend.


If you need help with any of those give me a shout.

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I also build custom apps and automated solutions.
Enjoy the adventure!
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Thank you for your extensive feedback, that's exactly what I was looking for. I will definitely look into all of the things you have suggested for my site. Much appreciated :) Thanks!



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Hello again Jennifer

As you know I have had an extensive look at your store, and although Im not a shopify expert I can only give my general impressions.

The product is amazing, but comes across a bit 'in the face'. only because theres so little other information about the brand or the company.  To avoid this, and to provide company story, history and other info you need a header in particular, with About Us pages, blog, and a footer to build your more solid branding.

Your chat feature is brilliant, and your customer service, as far as I could see, is abso A1.

Youre a company who will go the extra mile, and this dedication to service will define you as a winning combination of product and company.

Good luck, and don't forget to use my  discount codes  NEWSHOP  and  BLACKFRIDAY25%  on my website  if you like to.

There is already a 10% discount which automaticly subtracts at checkout.

Build more links on your website then youll get alot more conversions, by engaging the customers attention and emotion.

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Hi Jennifer,


Had a look at your site - here's the feedback -


1. Give some information on who you are. What is your company about so it builds trust and helps people buy. An About Us - with a picture of the founding team (if it is only you - that is cool too!) would be. More trust means more sales. 


2. Your pop up that informs us somebody has purchased, disappears too soon. We can't read details about your buyers.


3. An immediate tagline would be nice when we visit like  


"No more wasting time vacuuming - our robots will do it for you!" 


You can also have and image of a customer with tagline like - 


"I can now enjoy watching Netflix with my partner, with a bag of popcorn while my HomeTech Robots vacuum!"


A few questions, these are for my learning. 


Your chat feature looks nice, I see you use LiveChat, how are they? I am thinking of putting a chatbot. 


You can get emails, you can start sending videos and stories about your product. So don't sell the product, but the solution it gives. Like more time - which can be spent with loved ones, having fun, growing a new business and also how it is more cost effective as the freed up time can be used in so many way.


Which apps are you using currently? 


Best of luck! 




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Hi Happionaire, 


Thank you for your in-depth reply! I definitely agree on all of your points and will be working on them tonight! 


LiveChat I 100% recommend, the app is extra special because it lets you see a live view of what each individual customer on your page is looking at, what they have in their basket, and their location. I always have it on whilst I'm working, as it notifies me when a visitor is online :). 


I also have SalesPop, which is the notification which pops up when someone adds an item to cart - so far so good! I think it helps to build trust so definitely worth it. 


Auto Currency Switcher allows customers to switch between currencies if they are not from the UK.


The TrustedSite badge which works with McAfee, the free trial allows you so many visitors per month, but I have exceeded this this month so you won't find it right now, I think it builds trust too. 


I suppose now all that is left to do is to find a photograph of myself which doesn't act as a 'scarecrow' for my customers ! 


Kind Regards,


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Thank you Joy, and it was a pleasure speaking with you earlier :) 

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I almost forgot - a definite is Lucky Orange! They let you see a live view of your customer's webpage, so you can literally watch as they scroll through, see what they click and what they might struggle with. They have a free trial too :) 

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Hey @!


Cal here from Shopify, thanks for reaching out to us. You've done a great job on the site so far. In terms of User Experience there are a couple of suggestions I'd like to make: 


- Too many popups when the customer first arrives on the site. I'm getting bombarded, it would be great if some of these prompts were at least delayed.


- I'd hire a Shopify Expert to edit the navigation to avoid the Hamburger Menu that is currently appearing. 


- I'd possibly shorten the product names, as they seem a little long 


- I'd love to see some in-depth reviews of the product from reviewers/bloggers. While I can see you have some reviews on the product page, they aren't comprehensive enough to really impact conversions. 


What is your current marketing strategy? Who is the audience you are currently targeting with your ad campaigns? 

Cal | Social Care @ Shopify
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Happy to be of help Jennifer! 


Thanks for sharing the all apps you are using at the moment. The currency converter will be of great help as we want to target international markets too.


Will check them out.


Get a professional photo shot - the investment will surely pay off! I speak from experience on that one! 


Also - you shared you are getting a lot of traffic? How are you bringing in traffic - our goal now is to increase traffic. 


Best of luck! 


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