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this is my website. I currently have a low conversion rate for my site. For those who have visited the site is their anything off putting that you see that can effect the conversion rate. I have about 200 visitors per day on average mostly from Asia and the US. Is their anything I can do to drive sales from these visitors?

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Hi Terrence! 


I think I’m coming to your site just as you’re in the process of making changes. I personally liked your site with a more professional homepage rather than just a featured collection. When I originally started looking at your website, it had a slider hero image and a different layout and logo. Now it just has a featured collection. While that featured collection is great, it doesn’t feel like a homepage anymore.

There are some quick changes that would really help here:


  • The lack of a logo or menu bar makes me question how legitimate your site really is. If you want people to spend money buying these products, give people confidence. A logo can definitely help.
  • What is your store name? Is it Terrence In Company, Clothing Company or You’re going to struggle building any brand loyalty in its current state. It also doesn’t give your customers any confidence in buying from you.. 
  • Your contact us page really needs help. You have to email addresses  (just use one!). 
  • Update your Facebook page. Again, you want a cohesive brand here. Your Facebook page needs to match what your store brand. 

Considering you are dealing with a low conversion rate, I think the first thing you should do is install a heatmap (to see where people click) and session recording (to watch what people did on your website). Let your visitors and customers show you what turned them away from completing that sale.

You’ll also be able to validate your updates, such as the ones you’re making right now. You do that by seeing what your visitors and customers are actually doing on your website. Knowing where they click (or not click) can help you diagnose customer pain points and bottlenecks. 


For example, are they getting stuck when they click on a product image? Instead of showing the magnified image within the viewer, it takes over the screen. That may confuse some of your visitors. 

A poll would also really help you build your inventory.  You can ask if there are specific products they would like to buy or what stopped them from making a purchase today. It gives your visitors a voice and gives you a leg-up on the competition.


I see you have a chat option, but I don’t think you’re necessarily using it in a way that could help save the sale. You need a live chat that lets you set auto invites that will ask certain visitors to chat, such as people who added a product to their cart but didn’t check out within 15 seconds. The auto invite would actively ask to chat to answer their questions. 


Lucky Orange has heatmaps, session recordings, polls, chat and more. It has a free trial (no credit card needed), and plans start at US $10/month. 

Good luck, Terrence! You’re on the right track. A little user behavior can make a world of difference in helping you make changes that drive more sales.  


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