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My wife and I recently started an eCommerce store. We have been working on it for 3-4 months now. We have spent several hundred dollars in Google ads trying to figure out the best target audience and how to market to them. We have definitely made progress with our google ads and getting better CTR's, however, I am now wondering if our site is a potential cause of low-sales conversion.

Would anybody be willing to check out our website and provide any feedback on what might be causing this?

Thank you in advanced. Any feedback is appreciated.

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Hi @ArkbarkWarehous,

Congratulations on your Shopify store!

Have seen your store and have some suggestions for you:

- You can try to add the banner that guides customers to the collections page or products page.


- I cannot see any discount events in your store, so try to create one to increase your sales faster.

- It would be great if you have more photos like this. Maybe the whole gallery if you can. 


You can try to build your Instagram by posting those types of images. After that, connect your store to Insta to create an Instagram feed.

You can check it out: Shoppable Instagram Gallery if you want to create one. It's very affordable and user-friendly. 

- About this menu, you are showing the same products. You can try to allow your customers to filter the products. 


- The "Leave a message" part is quite slow and not beautiful I suppose. Try to have a live chat service or make it look better. 

After all, I think everything is great. Just try to fix some small errors. 

Hope it helps!

Happy selling, 


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Hi @ArkbarkWarehousI'm Victor, Marketing Manager at PageFly Page Builder

I have some feedback on your store.

First, here is what I like about your Homepage and your Collection pages

1. Clear logo, big hero image with clear text overlay, and CTA button. The important thing when visitors land on your homepage, they should know immediately what your business is about, so you have a very cute puppy logo with images related to pet merch, which is really great. The CTA button is clear so I can easily notice and click on it.

menu pup.jpg

Also, you have a drop-down menu to show different collections of your products, which is good because you let people know the wide range of products you can offer them.

2. You place your best collections right under the slider. This is good because as I mentioned earlier, let your visitors know what you are selling in the homepage is crucial.

collect pup home.jpg

And I like your images as well, they are beautiful.

3. Your collection page is organized and clean because of the grid view display. Using a grid view helps you create room for bigger and aesthetic thumbnail images so that people can see your product images clearer.


Also, you have detailed product titles and types, which is very helpful and informative for me to know specifically about your products. 


Second, here are some recommendations for you.

1. Consider having a sticky header. A sticky header is a sticky menu bar that still shows up when visitors scrolling down your homepage. With this type of header, people will navigate to other pages more easily without having to scroll back. 

Here is the example

sticky header.jpg

2. Having a "Shipping and Return/ Refund" menu in the footer. It is good when you have the "Refund Policy" button on the image slider, but you can think of my suggestion about adding in the footer as well because when people scroll down till the end of the pages after looking at all of the products, they want to read about the shipping and return/ refund info before making final decision like buying your products.


3. Having hover product images. In the collection page, you can consider having the zoom-in effect when people hovering their mouse on the product photos so that people can inspect your products closely. Like this:

Untitled_ Sep 17, 2020 8_27 AM.gif

4. Consider having product variants, color swatch in each product. If you show people how many colors of the product you can offer them, for example, they will immediately know if the product has the colors or sizes that fit their style, which may help lead to their purchasing decision more quickly. For example:


I have a guide on how to personalize your product listing page effectively, you can check it if your are interested. 

If you find this feedback helpful, you can give it a like or mark it as a solution. Good luck!


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Hi @ArkbarkWarehous 

Congrats on your store! 

I think your websites looks really nice! You can use different methods to increase exposure and product reliability through product review apps and affiliate marketing programs with influencers. Furthermore, just like google ads, you can give Facebook ad a try to reach a wider audience group. As your store continuously reach an amount of audience and drive traffic you should consider set up retargeting campaigns to efficiently boost up sales using Facebook ads. Retargeting campaigns allow you to re-engage and remind customer of your brand after leaving your website and offer product and product information they viewed with different kinds of attractive ad creatives. In other words, the goal for a retargeting campaign is awareness and conversion. You can start by installing the Ako Retargeting app on the Shopify app store. Ako Retargeting is a cost-efficient tool that could help your business increase awareness and conversion. The app helps you get your potential customers back to your website by delivering the most relevant product information to them at the right time, right impression and right cost. Take a look at how you can set up a 14 days campaign in less than 15 minutes here: 

Let me know if you have any questions regarding it! and let me know if this an acceptable solution:)

All the best and stay safe!