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My store is


I have just launched this store and spent a few amount in facebook ads. I recently posted a request for you guys to give feedback in my store, I have received very good comments and tried to incorporate them. Now, what I'm beginning to get concerned about is that there is still no sales. What's running in my mind are: 


1. Should I expand my market beyond the Philippines? If I do this I have to disable the Cash on Delivery option as a form of payment or if I leave it as an option, I have to post a disclaimer that they cannot select the COD option which maybe frustrating to some customers (I'm not sure). And of course, the pricing of the products, shipping internationally is more costly and I understand that it is best to include shipping cost in total price.

2. My niche, do you agree that it is more marketable in other countries more than the Philippines? 

3. What am I missing? i have a few visitors but no sales yet



Thanks for your feedback

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Hi Keren,


I'm not too familiar with the Philippines, but I'll do my best to provide feedback.


First, I don't think the Cash on Delivery option is going to be too much of a concern. I would not use that as a significant factor in making the decision to expand your market.


While expanding your market is a good idea, there has to be a conceivable, scalable business plan to back that up. I don't think the problems you're selling are so localized that they're only going to be sellable in a certain area, but my reasoning behind this is that you don't really have a niche. In fact, your product category is so long that while "homemade items" comes to mind as a niche I really can't be sure, and that wouldn't be a good niche anyway since homemade items could be soaps, jewelry, furniture, etc. All very different categories.


In fact, I think the lack of direction in your products is a pretty big factor in what's holding you back. You always have to ask the question: "Why would a customer choose my store over somewhere more established?" Usually, it's because you offer something unique at a good price that couldn't be found elsewhere. Currently, browsing your website feels a little overwhelming. 


A more helpful take is this: if you're trying to go for the ethical, handmade angle, remember that showing is better than telling. I don't see anything on your website that backs up these claims, which would turn me off as a customer. I buy a $3 toothbrush every month because the company that sells it, Hello, is cruelty-free, vegan, uses recycled resources, and is made in the USA, among other things. If I for some reason doubted any of their claims, I would find that they're completely transparent and willing to answer any questions. There's another company whose name I'm forgetting now that sells bracelets made by Peruvian women, and the proceeds of the bracelets go directly to them. What I'm trying to say is that this angle 100% draws people in, but there has to be something more tangible and concrete to draw potential customers in.


So, in order of priority, here is what I would focus on:

  1. Defining your niche and limiting your product categories considerably
  2. Tweaking your web design
  3. Marketing

Hope this helps!

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Thank you, your feedback definitely helps. It brought me back to the niche that I originally conceived, somewhere in the midst I got more concerned with filling up the store and putting it live. Thanks



Good question.


1. First, decide whom to you are targeting.

2. If you are targeting outside, then keep shipping rates and taxes in your mind.

3. Do A/B testing in ads


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