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I started a dropshiping store with my friend 2 weeks ago. We reached 1000 sessions and around 10 abandoned checkouts but no sales!

Please, can someone with experience give some tips or just view our store and tell if there are any obvious or visible mistakes.

An important fact is that is our first store and despite reading about dropshiping and marketing we are not getting what we expected.

Please help us with your feedback.

Store website:

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This is an accepted solution.

Hey @EgorArutyunyan!!

We have visited your store, you can do more changes to good user interface. Some points we're saying, we hope those will help you.

  • Add favicon.
  • First impression is best impression, Put a logo for your store.
  • Space between menu & banner, should be maintain no extra spaces for good ui.
  • Add category links to banner images. And also design banners more effective.
  • Price is directly you kept, for customer attract you should add some MRP & Offer price.
  • Checkout button is in disabled color, change it to other color, may customer confuse.
  • Shopping cart popup is so simple, just basic content. Add detail description.
  • In footer, there is no "Quick links" & "Contact Information".


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Thank you very much. I did most of the sections you recommended. The only thing I do not know how to do is the space of the banner for better iu and the cart popup. 

Thank you @minufy