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I am totally new to this website stuff. I usually sell my ha ndmade clothing at craft shows and festivals. and since that's not going to happen for awhile here in SE PA, I have decided to move my store online. Can I get some feedback on how it looks so far?



I've reviewed your store and below are some points that may can help you with your store.


Screen Shot 2020-05-15 at 16.11.32.png

1. Homepage

It's like your website since 90s cause it's quite out of date, you can you some Free theme that Shopify provied and you can change by your information. Move your Navigation bar to the top and may stick it. You can reduce some types of products at here, just focus on your unique products.


You should care more about product's images cause better image quality will enhance customers buy your products.


Each collections should be one type of product and chage its thumbnail in stead of a normal thumbnail (it would reduce your conversion rate).


Screen Shot 2020-05-15 at 16.20.04.png

At Footer you can update more information like this example


Ideally, customers trust is expressed through positive behavior towards your activities, of which the final outcome is an increased conversation rate, you can find more about it at here.


2. Collections page

Screen Shot 2020-05-15 at 16.26.47.png

Firstly, customers will pay more attention at Price & Images, you should increase the font-size of products bigger and may using FOMO marketing to boost up your conversion rate. Try to re-arrange images cause it's quite messy.


I hope my recommendations will help you in some ways. Feel free to let me know if you have any concerns.



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Hell LadyArt

Welcome to the Shopify world! It's a great step to move your store online. These are hard times, I understand. So I'd like to pitch in with a couple of points so your store looks as amazing as the products you've made.


In addition to the points made already on this post, I'd like to add a few things. 

1. Make sure you highlight your main selling point - 'Your Handmade Clothing'! Like many women, I too like my clothes to be exclusive and stylish. So put it out there for all those looking for these exact things. 


2.  You could categorise your products by product type (skirts, tunics, accessories etc.). This is more natural for anyone who visits an online store since that's what they would see elsewhere. They don't need to figure out your website anymore. They can directly jump into the buying. 


3. It's great to hear testimonials from people who have experienced your art work. That adds a great value to your products and enhances credibility. 


4. The catalogue can be enhanced by adding some social proof and urgency. Something that would catch my attention and drive me to buy immediately.  Just like you would keep your latest and best items right in front, the online store needs that highlight too. 

To do this, you could add some interesting stickers or labels to highlight things like trending, running out fast, hot seller etc. The Shopify app store is source of some really good Apps that can give your catalogue the focus it really needs. That's the best way you can make sure that a new visitor ends up buying from your store.


Do let me know if this is useful for you. 


All the best and stay safe!



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