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Hello guys, 

I am new to e-commerce but not brick and mortar. I started my shop a couple of months ago and have gotten a few sales based on word of mouth and vending. I have been gaining traffic from social media ads and marketing but still no consistent sales and conversion. My stores intention is to be a one stop shop for the fashion conscious mom/dad and child.I do not expect this to be an easy/overnight fix so any feedback to grow my business will be greatly appreciated!


Thanks in advance.

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Remove your dynamic checkout buttons
Make your add to cart button a bright color that stands out.
Remove all the payment buttons from your cart page. Those should only be on the last page of checkout.
Your button colors on cart and checkout should be the same bright color as your add to cart button.

Unless you have built a high converting e-commerce website before it is tough to know what it should look like.

I would hire someone on fiverr to give you specifics on how it should look and what needs changed to make it actually convert.
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Hi there! Maggie, Shopify Partner here :)


Your niche is great and I like the idea you want to cater for baby, as well as for mother. Your baby clothes selection is simply adorable and I can see a strong niche here. You’d do really great if you were to sell the Mom + mini me matching sets, otherwise the Mom section feels slightly forgotten :/


Your logo can be letting you down at the moment - it feels dated compared to your uber-fashionable items, and it doesn’t build your branding:Screen Shot 2019-02-04 at 07.54.09.png

 It also is really small and almost disappears on the page. Consider getting a new logo - something more edgy, more defined, but still matching your baby niche, something like one of these would look great:2017-06-26-23-54-19-fc1200af-249a-4c3a-a7e9-99d630059949-craze-fashion-logo.jpg.pngupstylish_business_name_desing.png 







The featured image on the homepage - it looks great; consider optimizing it further to boost your conversion rate. Add a short tagline telling people about your niche, and add a CTA [call to action], creating urgency and prompting people to click and shop. Make sure also to link this image to a relevant collection or a product page.


The featured products below look great:


Screen Shot 2019-02-04 at 08.07.20.png


However I’d change the title: these items are for toddlers, and when you say they are for Moms, moms can feel a bit left out :) It would work really well, if you had each of these items as a Mom + mini me matching set, as mentioned earlier; this is a great trend. It’s still ok to sell items just for toddlers, but I’d recommend changing the branding and not targeting fashionable trendy Moms, as it would suggest you have maternity/pregnancy/breastfeeding fashionable items.


The sliding images below look excellent:Screen Shot 2019-02-04 at 08.12.32.png


You have a short tagline on each, which is great. Make sure to also optimize them further by creating urgency with CTAs to prompt people to click each image and browse your store. Make sure to link each image to a relevant collection or a product page as well.


Refund policy - great content. Also make sure to use a professional email address [such as] instead of gmail one. It’s a great way to build trust as an established business. You can create a custom email address matching your domain with G-Suite - learn how to do it here:


Consider also hyperlinking your email address for a one-click contact - see how to do it below - or follow the step-by-step instructions here: how to hyperlink email address.


The product page looks excellent. I like that you have a unique description for each item. Consider also adding additional info regarding the fabric content and washing instructions. Some babies are allergic to certain fabric and moms are often looking for clothing made from bamboo/organic cotton, so including info of the fabric content can definitely make your customers feel more confident making a purchase, which will help you boost your conversion rate. Add washing instructions too - so Moms can know if they can put the product with the regular wash, or if they’d need to wash the garments separately.


Consider also optimizing your product page further by adding related products section. It will help you improve the customer journey [sales funnel] and the time spent on your website, which is a big Google ranking factor. It will also help you improve your sales - through cross-selling. You can add related products to your Shopify product template by following this simple video guide: how to add related products to your Shopify template [video].


Add more trust signals - these can help you significantly boost sales: About us page, Contact us page and Shipping policy. Having this info easy to find in the menu can help you earn more credibility as a brand, it will build a rapport and trust with shoppers, which eventually can turn into sales.


Blog - consider blogging regularly - it can help you keep your website fresh with new content [and will make Google bots crawl your website more frequently], which will help you build your Google rank. Blogis also a great way to bring more relevant traffic from the search engines - websites with more written content [articles] tend to outperform websites with no blog in the search results, and therefore get more traffic.


Your SEO score is 50/100


Your meta tags [Google snippets and H tags] are little too long and can affect your SEO score and your organic Google rank:Screen Shot 2019-02-04 at 08.22.32.png


Consider writing shorter and more defined Google snippets for each page. Create urgency and add a CTA to prompt people to click your listing in the search results:Screen Shot 2019-02-04 at 08.23.39.png


Your current meta title and meta description are too long and are being cut-off in Google. As you don’t have any call to action, this listing doesn’t prompt people to click it. It’s risky for your SEO, as when Google detects that people don’t click the listing, it can drop it from the results, as not being relevant. Make sure to optimize the Google snippet on each page, product, and collection to make sure people click your listing and not your competitors.


Make sure to add more content to your website [written content in form of extra pages and blog posts] - this is the easiest way to boost your organic Google rank and drive free traffic:Screen Shot 2019-02-04 at 08.27.38.png


You have no broken links, which is great.

Some of your URLs are not SEO friendly:Screen Shot 2019-02-04 at 08.28.42.png


It’s important to fix them now, as you are starting out, as changing URLs later, when you are more established and have more backlinks, will result with ton of error pages.


It’s important to fix these issues asap to help you grow your organic Google rank and gain more free traffic from the beginning. If you’d like a Shopify SEO expert to fully SEO optimize your website and improve your conversion rate, make sure to invest in a complete SEO package today:


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Best regards,


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