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hey guys! 

I opened my Shopify just under a month ago! I design and hand create luxury lingerie from my home in Belfast, Northern Ireland! 

As i’m Making everything myself, I have spent quite a bit of money so far on fabrics, supplies, promotion, packaging, shoots and the website - I know that’s what it takes (plus patience and hard work) but I’ve only had 5 sales so far.... 

my website is - ANY and ALL feedback is welcome!! I feel like when I ask my friends and family they only say good things haha so would love some constructive criticism to help me improve! So comment away on the website, content, photography, product... anything! 




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Hello, Sophie! 

Karlie here from the Shopify Guru Team! I would be happy to share some feedback with you! There are a few things that I would recommend taking a look at to improve the flow of your website and build up your brand personality. 

The first thing I notice is your product photography and while it's very nice and professional looking it does take up quite a bit of room on your page. What I would suggest is to put your product photography into a slideshow to keep everything formatted properly and clean. You could use an app like Product Image Slider by Smart App or Image Slider to create that type of look on your product page. Another suggestion for your product images is to have some product images that have solid backgrounds as well. Having consistent product images throughout your storefront will make your website easy to navigate and it will create a more professional look. For more information be sure to take a read through our helpful blog article on 10 Must Know Image Optimization Tips here!

I think a great addition to your product pages would be to link your size chart on the actual product pages yourself. To do that, you would want to use our rich text editor from the product page in the Admin to link your size chart URL in your product description. You can check out how to use the rich text editor, here!

To continue the consistency of your brand, you can also look into using a favicon. A favicon is an icon that your customers can see when they view your website in their browser bar. Be sure to check out our handy doc here which goes step by step through adding a favicon to your storefront. Having a favicon will just help to define your brand.

Currently your logo is tough to read, so I would suggest increasing the size and the resolution of your logo can help improve the look of your website as well.  

I love the attention to detail we see with your storefront, but one thing I did notice is that there may be a little too much information all in one spot. On your FAQ page, although it's all really good information, it's a little hard to read and to get through with that block of text. I would simply recommend separating your policies into separate pages, like this!

Last but not least I would recommend using a Contact Form to allow your customers to reach out to from a few clicks directly on your website. We have a really great step by step guide that you can check out here!

I hope this helps, but if you have any further questions - be sure to ask and we would be happy to help!

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*Karlie* | Social Care @ Shopify
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Hello Sophie,

I have just gone through your site. Karlie has mentioned almost all the things and one of her point I would like to emphasize more such as the product images. Photos are taken very professionally and creating some real drama that is adding the actual feel to the product itself but at the same time as a normal customer I would also like to see the product only in a solid ( most preferably white) background and also more detailed shot of the fabric.

To me, One image with lots of writings in your home page seemed too much to my eyes. It is aesthetically discomforting (absolutely personal opinion). Another thing is the promotional offer for free shipping over 100 euro is in white font on pink background and so not enough visible.

Adding option for customer review also could be a good idea.

Thanks- Kaoser