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Would love some feedback on my store I get about a 6% conversion rate which I understand is decent but I'm not particularly techy - I'm using the Debut them (some issues around optimisation on mobile but generally seems good). 

Would appreciate any constructive feedback about what I can do to make my store better / more optimised for sales.


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Hi Charlie,

A 6% is actually pretty impressive (! At this stage, I would focus on bringing more visitors because increasing your conversion rate at your stage will become more and more difficult.




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Hi There,

I have checked your store and it looks great. Below are my findings.

- Design a logo for your store.
- Provide estimated delivery date of product.
- provide shipping details.
- Give some related items of the products.

- Please add refund policies.

-Add trust badges like Secured seal, money back guarantee. You can check the below link for related apps 

- Product reviews are very important to boost your sales, so use Product reviews app. You can check our photo review app to get reviews in attarctive layouts with images.

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Hello Charlie,

Just gone through you site. I loved your product, it's easy to use & environment friendly. You can see that in your conversion rate, good conversion rate at this stage. Here are some feedbacks from my point of view-

  • Loved the color contrast but if there was Logo of your brand that would be great ( It's important for future promotion)
  • Write something about you that will help to create credibility in your customers mind.
  • Create a blog tab and write about how we can save the earth and environment to attract more people thinking alike.
  • Loved your fb page but also do some boosting to let more people know about you.

Thanks- Kaoser

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Hey Charlie,
Your store has a great and unique product.

Impressed with the photo of the guy who Surfs and you display the waste in the breaking wave and put the text "CHANGE STARTS WITH YOU, Every year we throw away BILLIONS of disposable cups, most of which aren't recyclable."

But you need to focus on the few things.

1. Write the short description of your products.
2. You can work on your product image.
3. Keep your banner rotating.

To know more how your website should be VISIT.

Thank you,

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Hi Charlie, 

That's an impressive store you have got there! Adding a video is a good move. Loved how you bring in 'Help stop the waste' bit, Must say its compelling. 

Here are a few things you might want to consider-

  • Add faces to the testimonials. It helps build authenticity. 
  • Add the logo in the header, this helps in recall value
  • Start off with a blog
  • Give personalized web push notifications a spin. Many e-commerce stores have increased their conversion rates. You can have a look at some cases studies here
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The products on your website are fabulous and are most useful. But the Product pages are looking dull. I suggest to add small description of your product and it could be also helpful for customers if you show reviews on your products. So I suggest to add a Product Reviews on your website.

All the Best...