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I have started a website a few months ago but have not made any sales yet, could you give me any tips or anything that you think be changed:

Thank you


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Hi @StopHasselingMe

I’m Victor Bui - Lead Marketing at PageFly Page Builder. Here are some comments that I would have for your store:

1. Transparent logo

Consider a logo with a transparent background to ensure your brand looks professional and attractive to potential customers.

2. Add a heading/ sub-headline

Write some words about what your website is about and your business. Let them know how you will contribute to the community by selling more, and allow customers to drive visitor engagement to specific products by a clear CTA button.

It is great to use Slideshows with intriguing images to get people to engage more about what you are offering. Use Slideshow to showcase more about your products, or, promote specials, sales and discounts. If possible, replace your current banner with a more engaging one.

You want to improve conversion rates instead of getting more people to your “About us" page. An ideal CTA button should direct your visitors to your desired action.

Screen Shot 2020-09-20 at 6.33.31 PM.png

3. Add Testimonials

People are more likely to buy after reading reviews. It is a social proof that is a powerful sales tool to increase conversion. You can read for different ways to gather testimonials to your store from Shopify and how to apply testimonials here.

4. Add Social Media

Taking advantage of social media and adding a gallery onto your Homepage. This will help to drive more traffic from and to your social media account. 

5. Product page 

  • Sticky header/ navigation

Sticky navigation helps to improve customer experience. As your visitors scroll up and down, this helps them with a sense of control, while improving customer experience. You can read the 3 golden rules of sticky navigation here. 

  • Relocate CTA button

Don’t let your customers scroll down for more product images and scroll up again to hit the “Buy” button. They would like to navigate through the page for the product information before making a purchase, so better to put the CTA button after product details, or, a sticky CTA button can also be good for converting. 

Screen Shot 2020-09-21 at 3.48.32 AM.png

An example from Zara Online Store

  • Include Accordions to show your Shipping/ Return/ Refund Policy

Display or link to an easy-to-read policy so that it doesn’t require users extra action to read through an opened tab.

  • Product images

Have at least 3-5 product images to facilitate visual evaluation: Try to include more product images, if possible, using video to illustrate product benefits. 

Dynamic images: Show product from different angles. Don't just show the products from a boring angle, especially using model stock images. 

Use Color Swatches: Allow the visitor to view the options. Making your variations visible for visual evaluation. 

I found an article on a checklist to personalize your product page for you. This guide will help you to look through a structure of a product page based on research findings from the Baymard Institute’s e-commerce research, you can check this out. 

Hope my suggestions might help you with more sales. If you find my suggestion helpful for you, press the “Like” button or mark it a solution to let me know.


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Thank you for the advice.
I have tried to do as much as the advice as possible.

What do you think now?