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Hello, I would love to get feedback on people on my store and tell me what changes I should make, or some things I should add. Thank you!

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I suggest to show all your collections in the form of dropdown menu also. You can link it to Categories menu link. So that customers can easily find out what type of collections you have on your website. 

There are only few products in each collection. I suggest to add more inventory into each collections so that customers can find all the products at one place. 

You can also add reviews on your products which are also mostly important for branding, marketing and advertising. If product has a number of good reviews then consequently the user interest in the product and adds to cart. So that you can make sales. Add Product reviews on your website.

Social marketing is the best way to grab visitors towards your website and make sales. I suggest to add more social icons in your footer so that customers can look out your website on social networks. You can refer these links

All the Best for your Business...
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Hello there, 

You have covered almost everything that a professional website should have. But here are some opinions you can take on consideration- 

1. Price seemed high to me. When I looked for the same product on some other site I found them comparatively much lower in price. As example- Aliexpress

2. There is no phone number in your site or any physical address. These are very important to build credibility 

3. " About Us" page contains very little about you. Write some more. 

4. There is no blog in your site. Write some blogs, it will help you to get your customers stay longer in your site and will the increase the chance of a sell. 

I hope this will help. 

Best of Luck- Kaoser 


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Hey Connor,

I took a look at your store and here is what I think.

The store looks good but there are some things that you could improve.

Remove the Beeketing app that keeps popping up saying someone bought something. It appears very often and it always shows the same product. And you do not even sell the product.

In your menu you have Categories but after you click on it says Collections. It is a small detail but it should be the same. 

I don't see any info about Shipping. Where do you ship, how long it might take, how much does it cost etc. 

Other than that I think that the store is fine.

How is your traffic? Do you run some ads to get it? You should definitely think about running at least retargeting ads. Because people do not usually purchase on the first visit. Retargeting will help you bring those people back and finish the sale. You can take a look at ROI Hunter Easy app for that.

If you'll need further feedback you can check out this FB group.

Hope it helps.