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Hello to all of you. This is my first time here and my websites are new. The first one launched on March 31st. The second opened just a few weeks ago and unfortunately I have it closed for a few days to make some adjustments. 

Sales are slowly trickling in but with the amount of traffic I seem to be getting, I feel I should be getting more buying customers. What are the main things that stop a site from getting sales? Could it be the look of the site or difficult navigation and speed?  Perhaps price is an issue...or maybe it is all of the above. You don't know how many times I wanted to throw in the towel, or then again, maybe you do know. Many of you may have been on the same roller coaster ride that I have been on for the last few months, not to mention the eight or nine months it took me to put the sites together. I am kind of nervous about being critiqued but feedback might be what I need to push me in the right direction. 

Before I give the site address I want to ask...

"Are there restrictions of any kind on website content when looking for feedback?"




Hi @praktikle1 


No restriction I don't think for feedback on any store. If you want shoot me a email and I'll do full review for you. or


Also I have a FREE website guide going over everything your store needs to make it online. Grab it   --->here<----


Good luck with it all and speak to you soon.



Clayton Bates 

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