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Hi everyone I would love some feedback on my site

I started google shopping campaign but very little impressions i cant figure why.

I am open to any ideas.


Hi Pietia, 
I have just visited your website. It is so cute and pretty :) Here are some feedbacks to make it better:

1. Improve your page loading speed

Your page loading time is quite low on both mobile and desktop view. You can check it via Google Page Speed Insights and find improvement suggestions. Actually, people can quickly leave your website if they have to wait a long for your page loading. 



2. Add the Testimonial section in your Homepage

The opinion from others can have big impacts on the buying decision of customers. So, it is a good idea for you to show the Testimonial section on your Homepage.

3. Improve the About us page 

You should add more images/videos to your About Us page to make it more attractive to your customers. 

4. Improve the Contact us page

Add more contact us options such as your address, telephones into your Contact us page. The easier customers can connect with you, the more they are willing to buy your products. 
I hope these above feedbacks are helpful for you :)

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Hi Pietia,

I  could see that your store is filled up with cute baby images. The product images are very good but there's a lot to overhaul the store. 
I'll share some the of points which can be taken care of:


1. Make navigation menus. Do not list every product in one category. Eg: There can be the main menu and then submenus. Clothes > Boys & Girls > further can be according to the products.


2. The section of "About us"  can be displayed in the footer as it important for the visitor to go through the products you are dealing with first. 

Also, freeze the Header so that it shows up on the screen while scrolling down.


3. Placing the slider at the bottom is of no use when you have limited products. It's helpful when you have a wide range of products.


4. The section of Bestsellers can be shifted to top, just below the slider images. It'll help the visitors to go through the best sellers first.
An organized way to set things up on the storefront, keeping the buyer's journey in mind is very necessary.


5. The social media icons do not redirect to the respective social pages. Do check it.


For more, feel free to connect with me. 
Also, you may go through this 5 min read which will be helpful to you:



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I have gone through your site. Though it looks good, there are quite a few things missing on your store which if added can really make a lot of difference to the user experience, conversion rate and your overall sales.


Logo & Favicon :

Logo & Favicon -- Your logo should highlight your brand name. Add a favourite icon so users can locate your webpage easily.



  1. Header -- Have a sticky header and a clear smart search bar to help users locate the products they're looking for.Also a slide out cart, a cart icon with item calculator must have features. Login icon must be there for buyer account creation before purchasing.
  2. Footer -- Optimize your footer with more professional and functional look and also highlight your newsletter sign up so people who follow your brand will receive more updates about promotions and sales. There are legal policy pages which are missing in the footer that must be included for authenticity and security purpose



A lot can be done to your homepage to make it more informative & attractive.

  1. Banners & Branding -- Add hero banner with prompt CTA buttons that syncs well with your store theme & branding. This banner should include info like free shipping, offers/deals like 50% off, etc
  2. Color, Font & Branding -- Over All Text, Font , Paragraph , Alignment , Spacing , Padding etc should be more elegant so that your store looks well-organized, neat and visually appealing. Maintain the same or similar colors and fonts throughout your store to keep your  branding intact 
  3. Featured Collection -- Add all the top featured collection on the homepage so users know the type of products you're selling on your store.
  4. Featured / Bestseller products -- Engage your customers by letting them know the bestseller products on your store                                     
  5. Testimonials -- They add to the trust factor as when customers see what other buyers have to say about your products, it makes them more sure about your brand.
  6. Highlight your USP -- What's unique about your brand that none of the other Shopify merchants have? This needs to be highlighted in your store presentation, features & more.
  7. Trust Badge on Home Page -- This is important as this helps to build trust and assures your customers that your brand is authentic



Your customer views this page to have an in-depth view of the products and services you offer.

  1. Banner adding on Collection page -- Make your collection page stand out with interesting & creative collection banners
  2. Product filter for easy navigation -- Categorize & filter products by their size, color or type so users find product to product navigation easy.
  3. Product Label -- Product labels like % off, ‘New Arrival’, ‘Sold Out’ must be there must be there for the ease of the buyer
  4. Product Showcasing -- Clear product title and description , high quality images , reviews , related products , color swatch function, grey effect for sold out products , product labels . All these features make your store much more convenient, authentic, easy to use and user friendly.
    Example of Good Collection Page



  1. Features like custom swatches, product zoom in, product reviews, unique product titles/descriptions and  cart drawer that will make your product page more interactive and user-friendly.
  2. You Can Add Sticky Add to cart / Buy Now Bar on Your Product Page : Demo Example

    This floating bar on the product page makes it impossible for your customers to miss checkout with the always visible Sticky Add to Cart Bar. Here the user can quickly select the variants, sizes and quantities for their order and checkout directly. You can use this app Cart2Sale ‑ Sales Booster
    Example of Good Product Page



  1. Sticky Buy now or add to cart button ,Sticky cart -- A Sticky Cart feature or sticky checkout bar reduces cart abandonment and engages the customer in your store.
  2. Functionality Of Cart Page -- Discount code , Gift wrapping , additional cart notes , delivery date picker, i agree with terms and conditions, trust badges, etc.  for personalizing your customer's shopping experience on the cart page. You to try our all-in-one app, Cart2Sale ‑ Sales Booster

            Example of Good Cart Page



  1. Social Media Link -- Include links to your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram or any other social media business pages.
  2. Proper integration of Google Analytics, Facebook store, Instagram store, google search console -- These features will help you track and analyze how customers interact with your store.
  3. Proper setup shipping, taxes -- Set up shipping and taxes options for different areas/countries or for particular products.
  4. Google shopping -- Let your users easily discover & buy your products with Google smart shopping marketing campaigns.

App Integration :

Try This App - Cart2Sale ‑ Sales Booster .
11-in-1 App to Maximize your Sales and Conversion


  1. Sticky Add to Cart Bar and Buy Now Button
  2. Sticky Checkout Bar
  3. Sticky Cart Icon
  4. Quick Buy Button
  5. Free Shipping Bar
  6. I Agree to the Terms and Conditions Checkbox
  7. Gift Wrapping
  8. Delivery Date Picker
  9. How Did You Know About Us
  10. Additional Cart Notes
  11. Trust Badges

Please check our fully functional Demo Store

Hope these suggestions are useful for you. Wish you many more sales in the future. If you have any queries, do let me know here.


Good luck!

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