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Hi all, would love feedback on my store please.
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Hey there, @PNPLPTRY ,


First of all, I'd like to say that your store looks pretty good and it will probably convert into sales as-is. However, there are a few things I'd personally advise, mainly aesthetically but not exclusively.


  • Change your header text from dark blue to a less vibrant color to the eyes. A safe bet is white or black, in this case, white.
  • You don't really need ''Search'' in your navigation, you have multiple search bars in your homepage.
  • Your carousel banner's title color scheme is also blending too much at times with the images. A good example would be ''bridesmaid & wedding gifts''. Ideally, you'd want to consider boxing these in white and have the text in the middle to make it pop way better.
  • Put all your collection list items in the same color as the header, dark blue/purple.
  • Website wise, you'd want to ideally use the same style for all of the buttons.
  • The footer is hard to read, opt for the same dark blue/purple color as you have used above.
  • Capitalize product names in ''All Products'', text color should be darkened again.
  • About Me page, yet again the text is too hard to read, change it to the dark purple you have.
  • For all products, for example ''Blue Ribbon Fundraiser'', ideally you'd want to add a Quantity selector, so people can add more than one at a time to the cart.





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Thank you so much..I will need to read up on how to do those things lol but all great points!

@PNPLPTRY hello! first of all, welcome to the Shopify familia :)


Such a cute name for the store, just love it. I like the products - you've done a great work on that. The pendent collection is super nice, and who doesn't love handpainted stuff. As @MiguelOliveira said (and he's right), you will have no problem converting users 


3 things that can however help someone like me make a decision to buy - faster. Maybe it can help you make more conversions?


  • The text copy on the header images do not stand out from the background - possibly use an overlay so that it does?
  • The collection names such as "Blue Ribbon Fundraiser" etc are too pale in color and do not stand out.
  • Your logo is super cute, and has great color combinations. Repeating that across the page will make your brand become more uniform and also remind your users of you everytime. 
  • Your "Sale" and "Sold Out" labels / stickers look exactly the same. There are apps which can help you find better stickers and more choices not just for sale or sold out but also stuff like "Bestseller", "Trending Now" etc.
  • Images on your home page header should be high quality - they appear a bit blurred sometimes. 
  • Cant read footer at all.

Hope these help you in some way. Glad to assist anytime and good luck.



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Kay Mann, the eCommerce nerd and Bitmoji fan :)