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I have started a website a few months ago but have not made any sales yet, could you give me any tips or anything that you think be changed:

Thank you


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Hi @StopHasselingMe

I’m Victor Bui - Lead Marketing at PageFly Page Builder. Here are some comments that I would have for your store:

1. Transparent logo

Consider a logo with a transparent background to ensure your brand looks professional and attractive to potential customers.

2. Add a heading/ sub-headline

Write some words about what your website is about and your business. Let them know how you will contribute to the community by selling more, and allow customers to drive visitor engagement to specific products by a clear CTA button.

It is great to use Slideshows with intriguing images to get people to engage more about what you are offering. Use Slideshow to showcase more about your products, or, promote specials, sales and discounts. If possible, replace your current banner with a more engaging one.

You want to improve conversion rates instead of getting more people to your “About us" page. An ideal CTA button should direct your visitors to your desired action.

Screen Shot 2020-09-20 at 6.33.31 PM.png

3. Add Testimonials

People are more likely to buy after reading reviews. It is a social proof that is a powerful sales tool to increase conversion. You can read for different ways to gather testimonials to your store from Shopify and how to apply testimonials here.

4. Add Social Media

Taking advantage of social media and adding a gallery onto your Homepage. This will help to drive more traffic from and to your social media account. 

5. Product page 

  • Sticky header/ navigation

Sticky navigation helps to improve customer experience. As your visitors scroll up and down, this helps them with a sense of control, while improving customer experience. You can read the 3 golden rules of sticky navigation here. 

  • Relocate CTA button

Don’t let your customers scroll down for more product images and scroll up again to hit the “Buy” button. They would like to navigate through the page for the product information before making a purchase, so better to put the CTA button after product details, or, a sticky CTA button can also be good for converting. 

Screen Shot 2020-09-21 at 3.48.32 AM.png

An example from Zara Online Store

  • Include Accordions to show your Shipping/ Return/ Refund Policy

Display or link to an easy-to-read policy so that it doesn’t require users extra action to read through an opened tab.

  • Product images

Have at least 3-5 product images to facilitate visual evaluation: Try to include more product images, if possible, using video to illustrate product benefits. 

Dynamic images: Show product from different angles. Don't just show the products from a boring angle, especially using model stock images. 

Use Color Swatches: Allow the visitor to view the options. Making your variations visible for visual evaluation. 

I found an article on a checklist to personalize your product page for you. This guide will help you to look through a structure of a product page based on research findings from the Baymard Institute’s e-commerce research, you can check this out. 

Hope my suggestions might help you with more sales. If you find my suggestion helpful for you, press the “Like” button or mark it a solution to let me know.


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Thank you for the advice.
I have tried to do as much as the advice as possible.

What do you think now?


Hi StopHasselingMe,

This is salehelpr. You can follow the strategy given below to generate your store sale fast. Hope it will work for you.

1. Send an email to your pre-launch list

We’ve discussed it previously on the Shopify blog, but generating buzz and an email list, even a small one, is an important first step to launching your business. If you built a pre-launch list, then you’re going to want to email this list before you do any other tactics. These people will likely be your most qualified leads when starting your online store since these people have already raised their hands with interest and gave you their email to hear more. 

You can use a service like Klaviyo or any one of the other great email marketing services in the Shopify App Store to build and send an email to your pre-launch list announcing your launch. 

If you didn’t build a pre-launch list, you can move onto the next tactic.

2. Sell to friends and family in person

The most basic tactic for making your first sales is to get a friend or family member to legitimately purchase from you. This doesn’t mean guilt-tripping your mother into purchasing a product she can never use. What you want to do is think about and seek out a person from of your family or friends that would actually appreciate and use your product. Try connecting with them personally, ask them for a few minutes and bring by your product.

If you’re on the Shopify platform, you can use the Shopify POS mobile app and free card reader to create the order and accept payment in person, saving your friend or family member shipping costs.

3. Run a contest or giveaway

Let’s be honest, giveaways have always been a great way to get eyeballs on a new product. Although it can be argued that giveaways mostly encourage interaction from people looking for a deal, if done correctly, the viral nature of a contest can garner a lot of initial traffic and word of mouth, expanding the presence and knowledge of your store and its products. 

There are some really great Shopify apps out there that help enhance your giveaways and expand their reach by giving participants contest entries based on them sharing your store/products on social media.

Run your own contest or check out ViralSweep and Gleam to get your contest started.


4. Strategically sell to friends through social channels

Ok, so previously you convinced a friend or family member to buy from you in person. Maybe you were hanging out with them, or you targeted one of them at a get-together or party. Now, it’s time to dip your toes in into social media. If you’re like most people, you’re on Facebook. 

So how do you strategically sell to friends on Facebook?

First, before you go announcing your store and products to everyone, try taking a smarter, more targeted approach. You can use Facebook’s powerful social graph search to find people that are most likely interested and more likely to purchase your products by searching for keywords related to your products.

Once you’ve identified the friends on your friends list with some potential level of interest in your product, you'll want to reach out to them and message them personally. 

5. Become part of the Reddit community

We’ve mentioned Reddit before, and for good reason. Reddit is a massive community of smart people, and they divide themselves into niche specific subreddits based on their interests. With thousands of subreddits, you’re sure to find a niche specific community that likely has a high level of interest in your products. 

6. Launch a few Facebook ads

Stepping in at sales challenge number seven is to use Facebook’s native advertising platform to make a sale. Facebook allows some of the most precise ad targeting features of any platform and is definitely a channel all ecommerce entrepreneurs should try.

Keep in mind that although Facebook ads offer some great targeting options, you really need to spend some time thinking about your target market, their lifestyle, the things they like and the things they don’t like in order to find a good fit with your advertisements. When you first start advertising on Facebook, you’re likely going to pay a considerable amount for your first customers. Expect this, and spend some time tweaking your campaign and monitoring results.


7. Utilize Instagram Paid Shoutout's

Instagram is a highly targeted visual marketing channel. Increasingly, brands are using  influential account for sponsored product posts to get in front of lot’s of eyeballs. The key here is to find large accounts (50,000-500,000 followers) and pay them to feature an image and caption of your choosing. 

Pricing ranges based on the account and the number of followers, however, it’s many times cheaper than any other advertising channel.

8. Set up Google Ads

Google Ads is one of the most established advertising networks online. It’s search (intent) based advertising so if you have a new product that no one has ever heard of before, you may want to consider skipping this Ads as a viable marketing channel for you. For everyone else, Google Ads can be a little complex and intimidating to get started on, however, there are plenty of guides online that can help. 

9. Write an outreach blog post

An outreach blog post is a post that usually highlights, quotes or features other influential people in your niche. These types of blog posts are a popular tactic to begin building relationships with influential people that matter in your niche and to (hopefully) get them to share your blog post with their audience.

To start, you’ll want to make sure you craft a blog post with a purpose and that truly adds value. To do this, you’ll want to write a blog post related to your product or niche and include links, quotes or profiles of influential people that are related to your niche.
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Hello @StopHasselingMe, here are a few suggestions:

  • You need to work on the layout of the store. The home Page should flow better. I would recommend setting it out like this: Slideshow Image- Collection List- New arrivals, Bestsellers- Testimonials- Newsletter sign up box- Instagram Feed
  • Add multiple images of the product on the product page.
  • Add a referral program, it helps in increasing sales and creates brand awareness. You can ask your customers to refer a product to their friends and family. When the product is referred by some known, people tend to purchase the product. The referral program helps in increasing sales. You can give a reward for referring your product.
  • You can add a countdown timer to create urgency for your promotions or offers with the countdown timer bar and motivate your customers to buy more from the store. It helps in increasing sales.
  • Add FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions), this page allows visitors to find answers to all their questions in one place.

Hope this helps!

If you are looking to implement customer engagement or marketing tools in your store. I would recommend you to install the all in one Shopify app AiTrillion. You can check it out. I am sure you will find it useful.

I am also happy to assist you in setting up the above features in your store. Looking forward to your reply soon.

We are happy to help sellers to increase sales in this BFCM.


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My store has been opened for couple months, but never sell anything. Can i have some feedback, please?  please go to: "" for more  info.

Thank  you!