First Shopify Venture! Curated Fashion For Women

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Hey there!

I would love to receive some feedback on my fashion webshop that I've launched 1 month ago.


This e-store is based in India and only ships within the country as of now! I have been doing very less Facebook and Instagram advertising and have received orders from friends and family. But I plan to spend a lot more this month onward.

Is there any area that I can improve on before I do? I get 300-400 sessions a day but no orders from non-family yet.


I'm so looking forward to your comments, advice and thoughts.

Have a great day!


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Hello @tanyaK 

I saw your website. 

Here are some things that you should add to your website for more improvement. 

See your website looks good, well managed and seems it's taken lots of work to make it.

You should improve the quality of the content written on your website. Although your products are very good the description is written for them are not to the point, not effective and also seems low with SEO techniques.

As you have likely to know that a good product description can increase customer trust by 173%.

For this, I suggest you use to Descrii app. It's an auto description generator app .The description generated by descrii is to the point, very effective and even high with SEO keywords .That will automatically increase website traffic and sales.

Hope my information will help you.