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I recently opened a new food delivery service through Shopify:

The idea is quite simple: customers order before a deadline (Thursday 11:00 PM) and they get food delivered to their pick-up points on Monday and/or Wednesday.

The order numbers have been decent, and the percentage of recurring customers as well.

Obviously a lot of them order on the last order day as urgency then is the highest. The biggest issue seems to be trust and to take the step to order meals for the first time. Also forgetting the order deadline is common, as marketing does not always reaches the target group. 

Which apps you would recommend to boost the sales and solve the issues? I am using an earlybird discount already and thought of a countdown timer, direct plug-in for adding the deadline to your agenda, direct messages through messenger,...


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Hi, Pieter!

Lisa here from the Shopify support team. 

After reading your post and checking out your site, I instantly thought of the apps Local Delivery or Delivery Date to help streamline the meal ordering process for customers. 

The delivery calendar apps will ensure customers pick a date that suits. While it is a good idea to create urgency, being able to plan ahead beyond the next week may help with sales too! Delivery calendar apps will also help you keep track of what orders are coming up on the backend of the store.  

You could also look into Store Delivery and Pick Up app. If you use this app you may need to restructure your site where the customer chooses their meals first, then on the next page selects when and where they're picking up from. Currently, the meals order page risks being overwhelming as customers have a lot of options, food, time, place. You can streamline the decision making by breaking this up into two different pages. Hopefully, this will help customers feel more secure about checking out and understanding the process. 

If you don't want to use an app, you can also code in a delivery date picker by following these instructions. You would need to add rules to block out the dates you do not deliver on. 

You mentioned you're getting more recurring orders - that is great! Have you thought about setting up a subscription? This will take care of the payment process each week and customers can select more weeks worth of meals in advance. Here are some recurring payment apps Recharge, Recurring Memberships, Recurring Payments & Subscription Boxes.

Finally, I'll leave you with this blog about  10 Delicious Ecommerce Website Designs Selling Food & Drink. These stores are great examples providing inspiration and ideas to build trust and help customers make their first orders! A lot of these sites offer samples. Perhaps you could offer a one-off sample size order? One sample meal instead of 4, so customers can try the quality you offer without committing to 4 meals. 

Hope this helps to remind customers not just of the upcoming deadline, however, to look for more ways to integrate your meal plan into their lifestyles long-term.

- Lisa ?



Lisa | Social Care @ Shopify
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Hi Pieter, I have a similar business plan in mind (Arizona, USA). I'm new to Shopify and I really like your storefront and how it works. Did you use a specific shopify app or were you able to create that with the basic shopify? Hope all is going well with your business! - Paul

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Hi peter. I have a question. Which app did you use for your pickup point on the buttom of your page?. I have this service on Montreal for 8 years now and I am moving my website from another provider. Thank you for your help.

@paulsarm wrote:

Hi Pieter, I have a similar business plan in mind (Arizona, USA). I'm new to Shopify and I really like your storefront and how it works. Did you use a specific shopify app or were you able to create that with the basic shopify? Hope all is going well with your business! - Paul


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Hi @Pieter_Dreesen 


I've worked with another business in this space in the UK and its tough to get traction but the market is big enough and market dynamics are moving in support of what you are working on. 


From my experience, the key in this space to increase sales is focusing on customers to do the selling for you via customer reviews. Typically a plug-in doesn't cut it and you need to think more about what you want to get out of reviews and how to better collect authentic, meaningful reviews from existing customers. In this market nothing will compel people to buy more than an existing customer who explains why they bought. This is why a vanilla plug-in will not work as you are leaving value on the table from the reviews you are not collecting, or not collecting in the right way, or not analysing to understand underlying sentiment of what's working and what's not. At Syntellio, this is exactly what we focus on and can help develop this strategy for you so that visitors convert to customers, and help you grow your business. 


I hope this helps. 

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