Free Website Edit With The Theme I Created!

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Hello Shopify users~

I am a university student from New Zealand and I have been wanting to edit websites using different themes to hopefully make them look better.

For the past couple years I have been playing around with Shopify, have tried creating a few websites myself and have tried to help people out on the 'Feedback' section on this forum. 

I will be glad to get some volunteers who want me to edit the entire theme of their online store.

I will be picking;

  • a website that I feel like I can make it look more professional 
  • completed or almost completed stores eg has images, product photos

Other notes;

  • it can be both opened or closed store
  • be okay with adding me as a staff (so I can log in & edit), you can take me out as staff once finished
  • I will be putting my edit in the theme list so you can publish it if you like it or not use it at all
  • You will have access to make more changes to my work

My preferred contact is either Discord or Skype messages. (I will let you know when picked)

Thank you for your time!

Kind Regards,

Stacey Lee


Shopify web designer