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Hello everyone, my name is Fernando I work for
We finally had enough from BIgCommerce and decided to switch to Shopify.

Now one of my worries is the insane amount of google ads we have running. Will the old URLs be redirected to the new ones?
Or do we have to go and manually modify the final URLs on the ads?

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Hey, @Lobonix! Thanks for reaching out today.


There are a number of considerations you should be aware of when you're migrating your store to Shopify, specifically when we are talking about URL redirects. In order to redirect your customers who may have saved bookmarks of your previous links, your advertising landing pages, etc. you will need to create redirects that will send old URL's to your new Shopify managed URL's. 


You can import and export URL redirects on the URL Redirects page, which is especially useful if you need to manage a large number of redirects. We have a useful guide here that covers how to set up your URL redirects in Shopify. 


If there is anything else I can help you with, please let me know.





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Hi Fernando


You should change your URLs for Google Ads and any other ads you have running. You should use Google Ads editor as this will make it easier and faster to updated your ads, keywords, sitelinks and any other spots you have links from your old BigCommerce site. I would pause the old ads, duplicate the ads and then change the URLs to the new Shopify store.


The reason you want to pause the old ads is so you can retain the performance data and how well they were doing with getting your sales. Don't forget, if you have URLs at the keyword level or in your Sitelinks, those should get changed too. If you have Google Shopping running, don't forget to update your shopping feed and Google Merchant Center account. Once you do Google Ads, you can do the same with Microsoft, Facebook & Instagram ads.  Hope you found this helpful, if so please click "like" below to let me know.


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Hi Lobonix,


Great reply before. Also, if you set the domain to point to your new Shopify website, the CNET settings should take care of redirecting URLs from BigCommerce specific pages to equivalent pages on Shopify. With the ads specifically, as you pay for each click, it's worth spending some time updating your ads with new URLs just to make sure you don't pay for someone clicking and seeing a 404 page.


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Dear Lobonix,


You need to change it manually.


Need help in Migration? Please find Shopify official experts here:


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My name is Alison, and I'm the Customer Success Specialist for Ablestar apps. We have a Link Manager app that can help in this area.  It will not be able to automatically generate the redirects you need (creating these in Excel Google Sheets and importing them is probably the best way to handle these, as Dirk mentioned), but it does offer some other tools that are useful in this situation.


First,it can scan the Shopify site, and the list any bad URLs that are contained inside the product descriptions, collection headings, blog posts, and other pages, and then help you correct or redirect them.


Also, while it is installed, it will monitor the site and list any 'page not found' errors as they occur, then help you correct or redirect them.  This is helpful for bad links in cases where a customer may have the old site bookmarked, they have an old email  with bad links in it, or you have ads running pointing to the old URLs.


You may also want to look into Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster Tools. These are free tools from Google and Bing that help you manage your web presence, and you can request indexing and removal of old pages that were indexed, but now do not exist.







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Hello @Lobonix,


I think you don't need to worry about it or even to manually modify it. You should use an automated shopping cart migration service which helps you to move all your data smoothly from your old store on BigCommerce to Shopify without interrupting your current store performance.

Yes, the old URLs will be redirected to the news one, because this service offers 2 additional options for customers: SEO URLs Migration and 301 Redirect.

If you are still considering about it, you can also run Free Demo to preview how this tool works, your data is moved and managed on the new test store and how exact your URL are. Or if you have any question with this migration process, just contact the support agents via live chat, they are very responsible and always available for you.

Hope this helps you!