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Hi guys, I opened my online dropshipping clothing store using Shopify a week ago. I have added the clothes but got no sales till now. Can u check how is my website and give feedback? If possible, please tell me how I can start getting sales.
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Hello, @fizzyfits25!


Karlie here from the Shopify Guru Team! I've taken a look at your storefront and I have some feedback for you. 

The first thing that is most noticable in dropshipping stores is the product imagery. Because dropshipping usually allows you to import stock photos of the image, it's important that you change those images. Your best option would be to take your own product photography. I always recommend taking your product photos on a plain background (either white, grey or black), using the same format, resolution and size for each image to keep everything regulated. Check out this guide for more information about how to take your own product photographs. There is also a Shopify Compass free course that you can take, here, to help you learn about product photography. 

If you don't have the ability to take your own product images at first, that's totally understandable. You can bring your stock photos into a photo editor to make sure that all of your photos match. I would follow the same guidelines as I listed above when editing your images. Make sure that they are all the same format, resolution, size and have the same plain coloured background. This will bring consistency to your website and will really make your products pop. 


What I would focus on next is building your brand. I'm not feeling a strong correlation between your logo, business name and storefront. Having a strong brand can really improve the amount of traffic you bring to your store. You want a confident brand and something that is strong enough to show across all pages of your storefront. I would first start with creating a new logo, something that matches your business name and relates somewhat to your products. You can check out our blog, How to Design a Memorable Logo in 7 Steps for some tips on how to improve on your logo. Next, I would recommend reading through some articles that can help you with the visual design of your storefront. These articles will help you strengthen your brand across your storefront. Be sure to check out; How to Create Minimum Viable Brand Guidelines, How to DIY a Stunning Visual Brand for All Your Online Platforms and How to Start Your Own Brand From Scratch in 7 Steps.


At first glance, I can't really tell what your brand offers when I'm on your homepage. What you could do is showcase some of your products on your homepage in a feature collection. In most themes, you can customize your theme and add a section called 'Featured Collections' to your homepage which would allow you to choose several products to showcase. This would allow first time visitors to immediately see what your store has to offer. 

I can see that you have most of the bones of your storefront built already. But one aspect that I notice could use a little finesse would be your About Our Store page. This page gives very little information. It's important to build trust with your customers, and by only showcasing a small blurb we really don't see what you or your store is all about. Check out, The Untapped Potential of About Us Pages (And How to Write Your Own) for some great tips on how to create the perfect About Us page. 

If you're finding that you're having some trouble with driving traffic and building conversion with your store, then you can look into setting up your own marketing campaign. Having a marketing campaign will allow you to follow a guide to advertising your store and building your customer base. Shopify has a step by step marketing guide to help you with advertising and creating a campaign that works with your brand. Be sure to read through that guide, here


I hope this has answered your question. If not, or if you have any further questions please let me know. I will be happy to help!


Karlie | Social Care @ Shopify 
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Hi there! Maggie, Shopify Expert here :) 


Your store looks awesome - really inviting and engaging.


I recommend renaming “Products” to “Shop” in the top menu. It will create urgency and give an indirect order to shoppers, inviting them to take action [positive tone of voice]. The best performing shops design their customer journey [sales funnel] across the pages with clear CTAs - from the homepage, through collections to the checkout - so showing people where to click and how to browse your website to complete the purchase will put your customers at ease and improve your conversion rate.


Consider also adding more content to your homepage - you can add 6-9 featured products, promo with one of your discount codes or a few featured collections. It will create more engagement, and give your visitors more content to interact with, which will in return help you improve your conversion rate and dwell time [time people spend browsing your website, which is important for SEO].


Make sure to add trust signals as well: Shipping policy and About us page. These can also help you improve your conversion rate. Many online shoppers often look for this info before placing an order, to find out if you ship worldwide, how long is the delivery, or who’s behind the brand, so having these pages easy to find can also help you boost your conversion rate.


You mention in the top banner that you offer a free delivery to the US customers, but make sure to add a detailed shipping policy as well. 


The shipping info is especially important for many people - they would love to know whether you deliver to their location, can they pick work delivery address, will there need to be someone to sign for the delivery etc. Covering these topics in your policy can reassure your potential customers, it can build trust and make them feel comfortable going ahead and ordering from you. Leaving these questions unanswered can significantly affect your conversion rate.


About us page - consider adding this page as well with info about your company, and about your team. It can help you build trust further and improve your conversion rate. It’s a great place to introduce yourself and tell your visitors who’s behind the scenes. This page is perfect for building trust, so don’t miss out on the opportunity to build a rapport with your customers. Trust plays a huge role for online shoppers - people love to know who they are buying from and a great About us page can help you earn extra points and improve your conversion rate. Make sure to add a photo of yourself and your team and tell your visitors some interesting facts about each of the team members. 


Consider also using a professional email address [such as] instead of a free one. It’s a great way to build trust as an established business. You can create a custom email address matching your domain with G-Suite - learn how to do it here:


The products selection doesn't really match the branding on the homepage. From the homepage I assumed you are selling streetwear clothing, as you have this kind of hero image:


Screen Shot 2020-05-09 at 07.13.37.png



However on your collection page I can find quite stylish fashionista clothing:

Screen Shot 2020-05-09 at 07.13.24.png


The problem with that is that if you are targeting stylish women, they would be put off by the hero image, as they'd assume you are selling baggy hoodies and streetwear clothing only, can you see what I mean? You need to specialize in targeting one customer type, otherwise you will be not appealing to anyone. Make sure to build the right branding and meet the expectations of your customers, or your conversion rate [sales] will be affected. 


If you'd like to learn how to improve your conversion rate, please book a free 15-minute no-obligation chat with a Shopify Expert here:


Your product titles are very generic and not SEO friendly:

Screen Shot 2020-05-09 at 07.19.42.png


"Floral Designed Shirt" is a very competitive keyword, and it will difficult for you to get to page #1 with it. You need to select a keyword that will give you an edge when competing with all major online fashion retailers, like ASOS, Zara etc. Make sure to run more detailed keyword research and select more specific phrases. Here's a guide that might help:


Product descriptions - consider adding longer and more detailed product descriptions. That’s also a great way to build rapport with your visitors and convert. You still have default Aliexpress description which can make an impression you are not willing to make an effort for your customers, which can leave them feeling like why should they make an effort and buy from you.

Good product description can easily put you above a competitor selling similar product, but not having the items described enough to convince people to buy. Detailed descriptions can also help you build your authority and knowledge of the niche, which is essential for buyers, who want to feel they can trust your expertise and the choice of the products. 

See below how to write product descriptions that sell:


Here are a few guides that might help:



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