Geeky tshirts store - what am I missing??!

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Greetings everyone,



I'm somewhat new to the Shopify realm. I've done my best to get my shop set-up but like many others, no sales and little traffic  and I'm sure I'm missing something.

Visually, not sure if my store if up to par or what y'alls initial impressions are - anything really stand out I need to fix/add/get rid of?


Any help/advice/observations would be fantastic!


I'm also not retargeting or implementing a pixel (green to all of that).... :(

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Hi Geektastic, 


I would seriously consider categorizing by fandom, rather than by product type. Star Wars fans may not necessarily be Dr. Who fans as well. 


I would also replace the category image for t-shirts, as it is a little dark compared to the rest of the images on your site. Try a stock image of t-shirts with a lighter/whiter background. Even something like this free stock image ( would brighten up the feel of your categories page.


It also looks like you might be using computer-generated mockups for the products. I would see if you can request a few samples and take some lifestyle shots of people wearing the t-shirts or holding the mugs. That will also encourage customers to picture the products in their own lives. 


If you are looking to start marketing your store, I would recommend the Carro app. Carro helps you discover influencers who are already connected to your brand and can really explode your influencer marketing results. 

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Hi geektastic,

  • The favicon: Your store doesn't have a favicon at the moment. A favicon is a small square image or logo that appears on the browser tabs, as well as on browser pages that list web addresses, such as the bookmarks page. It helps strengthen your brand and to add a polished look to your website. Here's how you can add a favicon to your store.
  • I don't see a shipping policy, return policy or privacy policy page. All of that is important information customers look for when making a purchase.
  • You need to add contact information on your storefront so your customers know how they can get in touch with you for any questions they may have. Customers may want to contact you to ask about your products before making a purchase, so you may be missing out on sales that you're not aware of with no contact info! You can easily create a contact page.
  • I noticed that you have a newsletter subscription box. I would suggest adding a bonus (such as a discount code) to entice your site visitor to sign up.
  • If the social media icons/links at the footer can be opened at the new tab instead of the same tab upon click. This will ensure your visitors/customers stay on your store while checking out your social media presence.
  • No related product list. It is very helpful in improving your cross sales so i suggest provide featured collections or related product list.

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Hey there, @geektastic 


Bo here from Shopify Support. 


Let me start by saying that I absolutely love your store. It is perfectly geeky and has what a lot of stores are missing; originality. Your designs are not just generic merch that can be found anywhere, you have put your own spin on them which will definitely help you stand out from the crowd. There are a few things we can certainly tweak to maximize your conversion so let us get straight to that. 


Genuine, positive reviews will encourage customers to look at you as someone they can trust, someone who cares about their customers, and someone who is willing to go the extra mile for exceptional customer experience. Seeking out online reviews has become such a standard part of the buying process for people these days that every online retailer needs to be thinking about them. There are a few great apps that will help you achieve this, one being our own free Product Reviews app. This will allow your customers to leave reviews and you can then display them to encourage others to buy from you. 

  •  Here are some statistics for you to consider:
  • 70% of customers consult reviews or ratings before making a final purchase. (PeopleClaim)
  • 63% of consumers are more likely to purchase from a site if it has product ratings and reviews.
  • 67% of consumers read 6 reviews or less before they feel they can trust a business enough to make a purchase. (MarketingProfs)
  • As many as 79% of consumers trust product reviews as much as a personal recommendation.

So as you can see, reviews have become super important to shoppers and remain at the forefront of their minds when they are shopping. Build that trust by giving them the option to review and read previous reviews from other customers. 


Trust is possibly the most important currency online stores deal in. One thing that instills trust in a shopper is knowing that the online store is easy to contact. 

To be frank, people are lazy and if there is an easy option to get in touch such as filling in a form as opposed to opening up a social media app or email provider, they will take it. You can take a look at adding a contact form to your page here. 


I would also recommend adding an About Us page. The About Us is probably the most underutilized marketing tool on Online Stores. What an About Us page should be is a goal-oriented sales page, one that focuses on highlighting the biggest selling points of your story and brand, making a strong impression on curious customers. Almost every single About Us page I have come across has said: "We at *name* believe in high quality and exceptional customer service." You need to write an About Us page that sets you apart from the masses. I would highly recommend taking a look at our guide on writing a persuasive About Us page. 


It is great to see that you have a Facebook and Instagram page linked. Instagram has been a major power player for a while. And that's particularly true for e-commerce businesses who get access to a visual-focused platform with enthusiastic followers and high engagement.

Amy Landino goes through the essentials of a launch here. When it comes to having a presence on any social network it is really important to know the purpose of you being there in the first place. Is it a place to show your customers a "behind the scenes" view of your business? Is it to engage with customers and pique their interest? Or perhaps you just want to promote your products. Once you have that figured out you can proceed in gathering the images that you want to show. It is recommended that when launching an Instagram for a business that you have at least 9 images to go. When a user lands on an Instagram account they want to have content to view, and because Instagram shows your posts in a grid, having 9 images is the perfect starting point. Amy has another great video on getting started with Instagram Marketing which you can check out here.


 Other than those little tweaks everything looks great! You have wonderfully written descriptions for all your products and the site is super easy to navigate. Very well done on all the hard work, it really shows. I will leave you with some resources to help you gain your first sales:



All the Best,


Bo | Social Care @ Shopify
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Here are some ways to make your store even better and make people want to purchase.


Homepage Feedback

  1. I would setup the DNS and use your domain name. 

  2. Add links to your footer for about us, return/refund, contact us, FAQ, and shipping policy. I didn't see these pages on your site and they are ones customers will look for

Product Page  Feedback

  1. Move the sizing chart off your product pages and make a new page for this. That way you can link to it from your product pages and in the footer. This will clean up your page and make it look more professional

  2. Add a section for customer reviews when you get them. This helps build social proof

  3. Add a longer product description as this is how you convince someone to buy on your site. Plus it helps with SEO and ranking in organic search

  4. Make sure your watermarks as not as in your face and large on your images

  5. Add a section at the bottom of product pages to show your most viewed/bought items from the site. This can help increase your average order value


Your store just needs some tweaks to take it up a level.  Hope you found this helpful, if so please click "like" below to let me know.

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As a former eBay store owner - I noticed that you don't have too many options on products.  Your selection in my opinion is very limited.  Are you dropshipping?  If so, look into finding more products.  Are you making them yourself?  I would create new ideas and start getting more variety up and going....just my opinion.