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I bought this website preloaded and now I need to figure out what to do with it.  I think the chairs are too expensively priced and I am looking right now for domestic suppliers.  Any advice is appreciated. 

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Congratulations on your store! The store looks good.


  • Arrows on the big picture are not working.
  • I like the color scheme on the upper part of the site, do it the same way at the bottom.
  • Don't forget to add a logo where we can it on the tab.
  • Adjust the color of fonts.
  • Add about us section.


I hope this helps. All the best.


Pia Mae Villezon



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Hey Gaming N Chill,

Keep the below-listed points in mind for optimizing your store:

  • The "search landing page" is disabled in your case ie it does not redirect to "/search" when the "enter key" is pressed while placing the cursor on the search bar.
  • "Favicons enhance the user experience and eCommerce websites need this usability feature for easy identification".Add one to your site as well to identify it uniquely.
  • "Trust signals" like Refund, Shipping, Privacy policy and Terms Of Service page should be added to the footer as they are good for SEO purposes as well.
  • "Our Story" section is quite important for brand familiarity and authenticity.
  • You can also install one of the most popular app Growwave which is all in one marketing platform that helps store owners increase conversions with ease.
  • Filters are very important for customers in order to identify the correct product from the huge catalog. So, you should look for advanced filter options for your store.
  • Finally, I would also recommend you to try Sparq product filters and search to replace the default search on your store, this app allows advanced custom tag product filters for collection pages, synonyms, spelling correction, and other such features. Visitors with the search are high intent users and their conversion rate is higher than normal users.
    Check out the features live here

Overall good work! Keep it up.
Neha :)



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Hey @satoribizmgmt ,

Hope your business is going well during these difficult times. The website looks super cool!

Tip: I suggest you try adding some kind of stickers to showcase stuff like trending, running out fast, back in stock, hot seller etc.  Apps in Shopify app store can help with this by making the process very easy & simple. Also having some more trending or sale products in Home page will quickly grab customers attention. This will help you to grab customer attention & nudge faster purchase decisions

Try out this and let me know if you want any further help, I'm always happy to help.

PS: CoVid offer for all stores at

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Hello @satoribizmgmt,

I've some suggestions for improvement.


1. Add favicon to your store which is a small square image/logo that appears next to a web address. Favicon helps to strengthen your brand and add a polished look to your website.

2. Make the product page font-color more darker.

3. Add social media for the store to increase the traffic. Having social media is a great way to grow your business, allowing you to tap into new audiences and gain more customers.

4. Optimize your footer with a more professional and functional look. Add pages like Contact Us, About Us, Privacy Policy, Terms of Service, etc to the footer.

5. Add filters in collection pages to help your visitors narrow in on the specific product they're looking for and find products they might be interested in based on certain features (e.g. size, color, category)

6. Add sorting feature in collection pages for changing the order of any product listing whereby users can choose which criteria they want the products to be listed by.

7. Add the same footer throughout the website. Currently, the footer is added to the Home page only. 

8. Add About Us page which is a reflection of the purpose and personality of the business.


Before you think of ranking you should ensure your pages are found (indexed by Google). You can submit your store content regularly to all the major engines, or consider using a convenient tool like flare by Mansion Ecommerce. flare automatically detects site changes and verifiably informs major search engines like Google & Bing.  flare delivers search engine feeds on a regular basis without taking your time. You can get your free Google Index Score through flare. Plus! Only flare can submit individual URLs to Google & Bing, allowing your prioritized pages to be indexed first and fast.


Hope this was helpful!

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Hi @satoribizmgmt 


You have a very dynamic and decent store.  The products seem to be high quality as well. As for the prices of the gaming chairs, I have seen ones that cost even more than that so it totally depends on the quality and the market you are aiming for. 


Besides, here are a couple of other thing that you can improve on your site:


1) Write more detailed product descriptions 

2) Add a standard Buy Now button 

3) Add a favicon 

4) Add the pages with Policies and ToS and link them on the footer menu 


Work more on the functionality by adding 

Visual Reviews 

90% of people read reviews before purchasing an item. I personally do not read the description too much, I go straight on to the reviews section because that is a social proof. In my opinion that is an essential of every site. I highly recommend (almost insist) and adding that feature on your site.



Social media has become a huge thing nowadays. I highly recommend taking advantage of that and adding Instagram galleries on your homepage. It will help drive traffic from your site on to your account and vice versa.


Referral program

Some  items on your store are more on a luxurious and expensive side, therefore I recommend giving back to your customers by rewarding them with free shipping, discounts and other goodies for spending a certain amount of money on your site. That way,  letting your customers know that you care about them.


For adding the functions above you can use several apps. However, if you want to get all of them at once just with a couple of clicks, try  Growave.

We have 10 great features -Reviews, Wishlist, Rewards, Social Login, Instagram, Discounts etc. There is a free plan available.


 Hopefully, I managed to help you. If so, please let me know by liking this post. 

 Take care and stay healthy <3



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- Visual Reviews with automated emails
- Loyalty&Rewards
- Wishlist
- Instagram
- Social Sharing + more 

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Hi @satoribizmgmt


Hyde here from Shopify.


That's a tricky question. You've clearly bought a superbly laid out, professional-looking store, but because you didn't set it up yourself you're going to face new challenges.


If you're dropshipping your products using an app like Oberlo, you will need to become acquainted with how to use it.


Here is How Oberlo Works.


If you decide to use Oberlo or an AliExpress app for dropshipping, you will need to download Google’s Chrome Browser to your desktop. You can download this via Google here. You should also add the Chrome Extension for Oberlo to your browser from here.


This video will show you how you can upload a product to your store by AliExpress. AliExpress includes a lot of jibberish that’s not needed for your store. I’d advise deleting the images that are not relevant to your product and as well the variants. You should edit the title, price, description, and variants once uploaded to your store to make it look like your own product. I’ve included this in the video as well just to show you an example.

I’ve made a video here on how to fulfill an order. When you see an order in your admin, you will need to first go to your Oberlo app and order it from the supplier. The video shows you how to do this. Once you fulfill the order, you then need to go back to your Shopify admin and click the ‘fulfilled’ button. This will send a notification to the customer saying that their order is on the way.


Feel free to contact Oberlo via their email address for any more information. They also have some helpful guides within the app if you would like to have a look at them as shown here:




There’s a really great AliExpress guide titled *The Definitive Guide to Dropshipping with Ali Express* here that I’d recommend having a look over. It covers everything you need to know about dropshipping with AliExpress from start to finish.


In regard to shipping, here’s an informative Shopify Blog called Everything You Need to Know About ePacket Shipping: ePacket Delivery Explained – Shopify that’s also certainly worth checking out too!


I hope this helps, however, if you have any other questions I'm happy to help!


All the best, Hyde.

Hyde | Social Care @ Shopify 
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