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I would really appreciate your honest and professional feedback on my Store . 

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Hey Jo,

I think it's a great start for your store. The product images are clean and the site nav is well organized too.
1 feedback I would like to give is that you can make sure all the product images are squares. This would make your store look better as your products will always be in a clean grid and won't move up and down

Wish you all the best and hope your store does well.

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Hey Joe78


Welcome to the Shopify world! I really like the layout and the theme chosen for the website. It highlights the products really well. Being a matcha lover myself, I really liked the catalog as well. 


I had a couple of points to make here. Adding them below.

  1. Make sure the size of all the images in the product catalog is the same. That will make it look cleaner and neater. 
  2. A small About Us section is good to get your story across to your shoppers. That adds a human face to your store. It's the same thing with testimonials as well which you have included already. 
  3. The 'More' section could be called something else like - Blogs or Know About Matcha. That will make it more obvious to a visitor what will be under that section. Otherwise, they may never click on that. 
  4. In your product catalog, you could add some kind of stickers or labels to highlight things like green, organic or pure etc. The Shopify app store is source of some really good Apps that can give your catalogue the focus it really needs. You can highlight some of your products to bring more attention to them. 


    Wish you all the best!

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