Getting Traffic, but NO SALES!

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My store gets about 300 vistors a day, I get some abandoned carts, but I don't get any sales.

My main customers come from India, but I am from the US.

I promote through Facebook and Instagram (majority of my traffic comes from successful IG ads).

I've added promotions, currency converters, and more. I cannot figure out what I am doing wrong and why my visitors are not turning into buyers. 

My store:


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For my personal experience I believe selling watch has been too saturated and I think you should think about adding other product such bow tie to your collection and other things to spice up your website and secondly talking about you visitor viewing from Indian and it might you target the wrong group on facebook

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Hi there, 

Nick here from Shopify. 

Great work on your store so far. There are a few things I did notice which you could add/ work on. Let's take a look at them below:

  • I noticed there was no Contact Us page. A Contact Us page while not essential is very important to the trust/ legitimacy of a store. When store visitors see there is a Contact Us page they know they can contact the store should they have any questions about anything and the store is open to talking and essentially has nothing to hide making it more likely to convert into a possible sale. Shopify has a great guide on how to add a Contact Us page which you can see here
  • Similar t the Contact Us page a Privacy Page is also worth adding to your store to add legitimacy to it. Again Shopify has a great guide on how to add a Privacy page to your store which you can see here
  • You mentioned you are getting visitors to the store but they are not converting. This normally means it is not the right audience. Organic Instagram marketing is something which could be worth looking into as it revolves around finding the right audience and building from that. By engaging and conversing with people on Instagram who you identify as a target audience for your store without making a hard sell you will attract the right audience member for your brand/ store. A top Shopify Expert recently hosted a podcast episode with a store owner who used this technique successfully in the past which is worth the listen. You can listen to it here

Hope this helps and gives you some direction on best next steps. 

All the best, Nick

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"successful IG ads" - successful ads are ads that sell - getting traffic is not the goal of e-commerce. Getting traffic can be really cheap, but if it does not generate sales it's useless. Besides the number of visitors you have to know how they behave -check how much time they spent and are they coming back. Try creating ads for different audiences and if you don't want traffic from India just filter it out in your add manager.

If you have add-to-carts you can use cart recovery tools to try to convince your visitors to come back and buy.

BTW - My company made a traffic quality meter called Zombie Meter - maybe it could be helpful for you -

Want to know how many Zombies visit your store or how Weather-dependent are your sales? We got apps for that -
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300 visitors a day really good for most stores but if they are not converting you should really think about the quality of the traffic. Get Google Analytics to find out a little about your visitors. For example how far do they go in the site? Do they stop at the homepage or do they go further? That can tell you a lot about where to make improvements. 

You also mentioned that your main customers come from India. But you did not say why. As a dropshipper, you can deliver to any place, why did you choose India. Maybe try to run an ad target to us or any other country to find out if there isn't more potential for you. 

Also, think about running ads on Google also. Google search ads are a great way to get to people that are actually looking for products that you are selling. Those people are further in the purchase process and are easier to convert.

If you are not you should definitely run retargeting ads. Preferably for both Facebook and Google. People often leave a store without a purchase because they need more time to make research and decide. Retargeting ads are a great way to bring those people back in your store again to finish the sale. You can check out ROI Hunter Easy app for that.

Hope it helps.


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hey, my shop is getting more traffic day by day but there isn't any sales at all. I've changed my targeting audiences a couple of times but still no sales. this is my website