Getting ad clicks but no sales 😌

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Hi there, I’m Dilpreet and i just started my online store called Fleekbay. Based in Canada it targets people internationally who are into latest fashion trends. I currently use facebook and instagram ads to advertise my products and I get around 100 clicks per day, however no sales. Is there anything on my website that I should fix or it is a marketing flop?


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All kinds of feedback will be greatly appreciated!

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Could be anything really. Your shop looks OK. I would invest a little money on Fiverr for a goodlooking logo. What stands out to me, is that you are selling products that have been dropshipped by the thousands already. This is a problem. Also, not knowing what ad creatives you use, targeting and what kinda campagnes you run, make it hard to understand what’s going on.

Have you checked your website on a mobile phone ?


Hi @dilpreetdiwana 


I went onto your website on my mobile phone and it was extremely difficult to read your product descriptions. Endless amount of text with no space between paragraphs. If I was you I'd add some spaces and break up the text with couple of pictures etc. 


Countdown timers: If you want to build a brand I'd remove them. If you just want quick sales then keep them. If I was to come back to your store couple days from now would the timers still be ticking down from 50 minutes ? If you want to use countdown timers I'd have them on a landing page not your main website. 


Review Stars: The colors you have used on the site are nice but the reviews stars look weird being black. I'd change them to a color that matches your site or the same color amazon uses for there stars. 


Home Page: This doesn't really flow very well. I'd set it out like this.

  • Slideshow Image ( only your best image )
  • Collection List 
  • Image With Text ( something interesting )
  • Popular Products (4-8 max) 


Overall good job I like the blue you have used. Keep up the good work. 



Clayton Bates 


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Thanks for the feedback, Lennarth. 

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Thanks for a detailed feedback, @Clayton_Bates. To answer your questions -


1. Yes I have customized the website based on its mobile look.

2. I detailed out the product descriptions in some products just so it gives a better idea to the customers about the utilization of the product and its benefits.

3. The countdown timers are ofcourse only on the product pages and not on the main website (no idea where you spotted a timer on the main page LOL), as it won't make sense.

4. Nice catch about the color of review stars! This thing was bugging me as well but I was just too lazy to change it. But now that you have specifically mentioned it, I will definitely modify it.

5. Thanks for the homepage layout instructions, I will look into it as well.




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That's great you are running Facebook campaigns but how do you capture that traffic coming from Facebook ads on your store? Listen ads is not equal to sales. And every eCommerce store owner is following this myth. Ads will only amplify your reach. You need to entice your Facebook traffic to make a purchase at your store. Trust me it's not as difficult as it sounds. You can greet your new visitors by giving them loyalty reward points on their first visit, Or you can aboard them using a welcome push notification/ Email containing a personalized offer. There are tons of other things to enhance the journey of your visitors and convert them into customers.

If people are visiting your store but not staying for long then you might need to work on making your website more interactive. You need to entice and push your new visitors towards sales and conversions. Before proceeding further I would like to gather more information on your engagement strategies. And how do you reconnect and retarget those visitors who leave your website without making a purchase?


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