Getting sessions but no sales

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Hey everyone! My store is recently up and running with a few ads and I'm getting about 60-70 sessions a day. So far nobody has actually ordered anything that isn't a family member trying to help out though.

If any of you lovely folks out there have any feedback or advice on what I could do to improve my store's performance that would be awesome!





Congratulation for your store. I have gone through your store and hope the following suggestion will help you.


1. Optimize your store loading speed for mobile and desktop

2. Optimize your each product landing page

3. Optimize your store for SEO

4. Show featured product at home page

5. Use Facebook and Instagram Shop for sale
6. Add blog section

7. Use Google Shopping Ads for sale

There are other areas you need to work

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Hi there,


1. The first thing I noticed is that I am not sure if it is the leftover from the template? Please have a look below



2. Correct your Facebook link, it seems to be not working.


Hope it helps

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I just had look into your website. It's looking good.
I am unable to find your website's Facebook page, And you have the icon Facebook that link not found. I suggest you can avoid such type of links and add proper links.
You have the Instagram page, I suggest you can Increase your followers on Instagram and regularly promote your products through Instagram. It helps for increasing of your conversions.
And I observed your products haven't gallery images? And your product image under product page is blurry like, I suggest you can use high quality images then it looks more attracted.
I suggest you can add your store blog. Blog gives you the chance to make important substance for your clients. Utilize this as a promoting strategy to manage movement back to your site. Blog make better Your Website's SEO , Increase Traffic to Your Website through inbound links.
You can Implement Testimonials, Testimonials are key to building trust online, especially if you’re selling a product or service. When you have a happy customer or reader, consider asking them to give you a testimonial. Then feature a few of them prominently on your sales page. I would suggest including item reviews too, as reviews for customers to share their positive experience thus different customers can see the reviews and be influenced to purchase.
I am unable to find the trust badges on your store, Trust badge checks to visitors that a site is allowable. Information is gathered by the outsider trust seal organization that affirms that the business is valid.

I hope thse points are helpful for your website.


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Hey, congrats on your store. I have a good suggestion for you! If you want to get more sales from traffic use Nextsale app for free. This is an app that uses social proof& urgency tools to increase brand trust. When you add this app to site it shows comments of real purchasers in the below of your site. Whenever visitors enter the store to see, they will see these comments and it triggers people to buy. Nextsale app is different from others because of the lowest price. It doesn't require different costs for both urgency tools& social proof tools. That is why it is called all in one dashboard. You can increase conversions, boost sales& reduce bounces. 

Try the link it is below! Good luck with your store :)

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Hey there! I got rid of those little icons and fixed my facebook link, thanks for the advice!

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Hi there! I have fixed the facebook link, thanks for pointing this out!


I am working on getting our IG and FB pages to grow and will keep posting consistently. Blogging wasn't on my mind, but I have decided to start writing blogs to hopefully increase traffic to the website.


I did take a look at the images on my site and noticed that they are blurry, however it is only the main picture for each product. Do you have any recommendations on how to fix this? I am taking nice pictures that look good on ads and posts on my social media. It is only the one large image for each product that is blurry.


Item reviews are ready to go, just need a few customers to make purchases and write about what they think. When they do I will also try to get testimonials from a few people and apply those to the site.


Trust badges are on the way, working on it as we speak :)


Thanks for all your help!

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Hi! Your suggestions are all very helpful, thank you very much.


Do you have any information on how to better optimize my store loading speed and product landing pages?


I will also work on featuring a product and getting a blog up on the site! 


Also I will push sales into a FB and IG shop :)




Hello Roguish, 


Fellow new Shopifier here, just wanted to leave my thoughts

I don't like seeing mobile nav bars when I am on my desktop, maybe it's my generation (38 years), but it's weird to me. The slideshow images are nice, looks great on desktop, but after browsing lower I feel like I am in a completely different commerce site.. Where is the apparel? Agggh, it's jewelry (accessories). In that case, the entire front page doesn't make sense to me, the brand name confuses me...



About the products...

Your bracelets look AMAZING, but are being under displayed and branded with how they are showcased.  The moment I saw your products I immediately re-imagined an entirely different front page. Right now it feels a little too ....comfortable? if that makes sense... kinda bloggy.  Also are the models in the slideshow even wearing the items? ...With this site, just feels like reorganization, better design, and branding of the products is needed. They are beautiful!! Just needs much better staging/branding in my opinion to catch a sale.

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Hey, I really appreciate your advice!


It's my first time running a shopify store like this so I'm kind of learning as I go. I can see what you're saying on the home page. Will definitely take this weekend and try to re-imagine our site a little after all the advice I've received from folks. Thanks for the compliments on our bracelets, we really strive to make them look good :D and the name is something we picked out because we hope to expand into clothing at some point, plus I don't know if we can even change it haha.


Thanks for chiming in, hope to hear from you again, and wish you the best with your shopify journey.

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