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Hi. I opened my store 9th November 2019. I'm getting 25 - 60 visits and getting some sales mostly family and friends. How do I get more. I've done Instagram ads and my posts that I advertise are getting plenty of likes. Can anyone give advice please . I've also got good reviews but I want more sales paper from friends and family.. Please feel free to look and give advice for improvement.


Hi @Neil1977 


There are three areas that stand out to me and I feel like until you fix them it will be nearly impossible to get the type of sales you're looking for. 


Home Page: Doesn't flow at all or give the visitor a good feeling. I'd set it out like this. 

  • Slideshow Image 
  • Collection List
  • Popular Product (4)
  • Testimonials 
  • Something Interesting 
  • Instagram Feed if you have nice images that match the website


Product Page: The product description is so important. Put more effort into this you can't just use the crap description from ali express. I'd also think about adding the below 

  • Product Tabs 
  • Sticky Add To Cart Bar 

Logo: You want to have a nice logo on your website and in the checkout. It doesn't have to be super "fancy" just something nice looking. 


I also think there is better free themes and free apps you could be using. Have a look at the articles and videos in the link below for more tips etc.


Overall keep working on this mate. Shopify is all a learning curve. Keep working hard and you will make it work. 



Clayton Bates 





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