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Hello I’m trying to figure out why my customers are adding things to the cart but are not checking out. I haven’t made a sale yet and any help or advice to help boost my conversion rate would be really great. The link to my store is

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Hey, @Bluprnt09!


Lizzy here, I’m a Shopify support Guru. Thank you for reaching out in the community forums for feedback on your store!


I really like the name of your store, is there a story behind it? Have you considered sharing more of your story on the site to help bring your products together under a brand or similar vision? Having something to tie everything together will help customers to connect to your brand and will encourage them to purchase to support the business!


This blog post here has some tips on how to develop your brand!


I also love the design of your logo! It's unique and eye catching, however it does take up quite a lot of space on the homepage. Have you considered making it smaller so that the menu bar doesn't cover up the page as you scroll? It currently takes up a large percentage of the screen and ends up leaving a lot of white space around it. I recommend using some of the top of the page to share a description or one liner that immediately lets customers know what your business is all about!


I also wanted to let you know that when you add a product to your cart and try to move through to the checkout there are several pop ups that appear, which can slow down the process and put customers off of completing their purchase. I suggest having your email subscription pop up only appear one time. Have you had a chance to access your store from a browser that is not logged in, so you can experience the same flow a customer will see?


You may also want to double check your shipping settings. While I was testing the site I noticed the rates are quite high. You can see the options I was offered for an address in Canada here.

Very often when a customer sees a high shipping rate they will cancel their order, or wait to purchase after giving the order some consideration. Have you thought about raising your product prices a little bit and offering free shipping? That way there are no unexpected costs at checkout.


All in all, I think you've got a great start here and with a few tweaks and some strong marketing, could start seeing sales roll in. How have you been reaching out to your audience so far?


Thank you,

Lizzy | Social Care @ Shopify
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Dear Bluprnt09,


Hope following will help you.


Top 10 Reasons for Abandonment During Checkout

1. Extra Costs too High(shipping,tax,fees)
2. Customers need to create an account
3. Too long or Complicated Checkout process
4. Can't See or Calculate Total Order Cost
5. Website's Errors or Crashed Website
6. Untrusted Site
7. Delivery is Very Slow
8. Unsatisfactory Return Policy
9. Fewer Payment Options
10.Credit Card Declined


if you need any help please contact our experts here:


Thanks & Regards

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-> You can adjust your website logo dimensions.
-> You can hide your header in product page, I mean Check this image
-> Have you promoted your products through social media pages like Facebook and Instagram? I am unable to find your store's social media links. Social media marketing mentions to the business of procuring traffic or attention through social media sites.
I suggest you can use Facebook Marketing and Instagram marketing.
In Facebook Marketing
-> Optimize Your Profile Picture and Cover Photo of your company logo with high resolution.
-> Fill Out Your Facebook Bio.
-> Set a Consistent Posting Schedule.
-> Schedule Your Posts at the Optimum Time.
-> Use Video To Attract Your Audience and Target The Right Audience Using Facebook's In-App Targeting Features.
Instagram Marketing
->Instagram business profiles allow your team to optimize your profile, add contact information and your website into the bio section making it much easier for your audience to interact and connect with you.
-> Keep your Instagram profile uniform by keeping your photos within one color scheme. And Use #tags, Hashtags are a big part of Instagram's posts because it allows photos and video content to become searchable on the channel.
-> And i suggest you can use Instagram Stories To Stand Out In The App.
Otherwise, Great work you have done on your website.


You can increase your products by using of Appfreaker Supply, Appfreaker Supply is used for to import the products from Appfreaker to your store.
What's more, you can discover "Appfreaker Supply" on application, Appfreaker Supply is supplies your required expected items to you with your own marking and labels.
And It’s newly added two Features like Suggested Titles for products and Customized Shipping.
Suggested Titles:
It’s providing few suggested titles for the products so that you can choose any of them while importing the product into your shopify store. Set your Preferences in My Settings and import the product by Editing. It helps in your website's SEO as your products title will be unique.
Customized Shipping:
This feature is used for Customer can choose their shipping method while purchasing the product at shopify store. Set your Preferences in My Settings and import the product, then aliexpress shipping methods are available at shopify store checkout page.
Customize Shipping Methods Importance:
-> Improved shopper confidence through full transparency into shipping costs.
-> Increased conversion because shoppers can select options based on price and speed, making them feel more in control.
-> Less effort.


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Hey, I just went through your store. Buyers consider visual appearance to be the most important factor when making a purchase. Your home page seems to be messed up. You need to work on your home page. The logo seems to be too large. Reduce its size. The header and the navigation menu seems to be cluttered. 

You should reduce the image size, large images take time to load. All these aspects are important for making sales. You should put a favicon, Favicons are the small 16x16 pixel images (in some cases may measure 32x32 pixels) that are used as a brand identification graphic on the left-hand side of the web browser’s URL tab. Also, reduce the footer size its too broad and looks like unprofessionalism. 

The reason you are not getting sales is your homepage isn't professional and your store is missing engagement. Start using loyalty programs for customers for every action they take on your store. A loyalty program entices your visitors to keep engaged with your product and website. In Fact, you can rewards loyalty points to your store visitors when they "allow" your push notification opt-in or when they share your store on social media and a lot of other activities. Add pop-ups, web push notifications. Increasing engagement will help you to capture visitors to your store which will increase conversions and sales. 


Sachin D | Shopify Growth Expert @ AiTrillion

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Hi Bluprnt09,


Most consumers today are using their mobile phones and increasing conversions can be difficult. I work for Klarna and we work with many jewelry merchants who have had the same issues. As much as 67% of millennials don't have credit cards and we find that buy offering buy now, pay later options at checkout where they pay 25% at checkout and spread of the remaining payments with no interest really helps to increase conversions by 44% and they add more to their cart at checkout as well. Here is a little more information about installment options and how to get started.


Hope this helps!