Gift / Novelty store design feedback needed.

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Good day Everyone,


I have launched my Gift / Novelty store officially on 1 March 2019 after numerous changes and adjustments. 

I am not 100% satisfied as I know i can improve on the overall design and look and feel. I am a complete beginner so i don't think i have done too badly, but any feedback and/or advice would be greatly appreciated. 


Any free resources that might be able to assist me to even better myself and the store would be highly appreciated as well. 


The store is

Thank you!

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Shopify Staff
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Hey, there!


Karlie here from the Shopify Guru Team! I've gone ahead and taken a look at your website and I'm happy to offer you any suggestions or feedback that I think could help with the look of your website.


Your storefront is really on the right path here. I love your bright, bold graphics and logo, the organization and navigation of your storefront and the attention to detail. Overall, your store looks like it has a really great concept and original branding. However, there are a few aspects of your storefront that can be altered for a more professional appearance.


The first aspect that really stands out to me is your text. I like that your font is bright and is trying to follow the same theme as your products and brand, but the font type and colour of the font could use some finessing. I would look for a font type that is basic, legible and has clean lines. I think a font like Arial Bold would be a great choice for your website. As for the colour of your text, I would suggest looking into some of the colours that can be seen in the different graphics and images of your website and then select a colour that either matches or contrasts. The pink colour of your ‘LAUNCH PROMOTION’ button could be a contender!


You’re off to a great start when it comes to your product images, but product images need to be consistent - this is important for creating a more professional look to your storefront. Your product images should be more consistent in formatting, colour, and background and you will also want to take a look at image resolution and colour correcting. Using a photo editing program would help you fix these small issues easily. You’ll want to eliminate shadows showing on your solid coloured backgrounds and make sure that the background is a crisp white - this will create more of a professional look for your products and will show your customers that you are invested in showing them the best of your products.


I really enjoyed reading your ‘About Us’ page, but I think you could bring some of the awareness in your 'About Us' blurb to the rest of your website. I find myself wondering more about what your product is and how your website works and I only really find that out at the bottom of the 'About Us' page. Check out this guide which will be an excellent tool to help you get your message out there. Adding this type of information to your 'Something Boxes' product page and your 'Something Products' product page could be beneficial for your customers. 


I would also suggest creating a separate page from your ‘About Us’ page on your storefront for the ‘Life Stories’ Facebook community. Not only will doing that help keep your ‘About Us’ page more on track with your brand, but it will also give this really cool concept it’s own recognition. You could even have the ‘Life Stories’ page show up in your navigation bar close to your ‘About Us’ page.


Your ‘Podcast’ page looks great, but I find the organization of your podcast links to be a little messy. I would just recommend making sure that they are listed in a straight line. You can also use the rich text editor tool of your Shopify Admin to help you make your links look more attractive. You can read all about the rich text editor here, if you're interested.


A great way to build up your brand and strengthen the connection between you and your customers would be to focus on social media. Not only is social media a great way to communicate who you are as a brand, who your target audience is and how your product looks and functions but having a social media profile opens up discussion and gives your customers a deeper look into your brand. You can incorporate social media to your storefront by having a social media feed. There are a few that I would recommend. Be sure to look into the apps; Social Media Stream, Flow‑Flow Social Feed App  and Instagram Facebook Social Feed.

The last aspect I'm going to suggest looking into is a domain name. Having a custom domain name really sets your store apart and helps with strengthening your brand. Not only is a custom domain URL easier for your customers to remember, but it gives off a more professional look to your website. You can actual purchase and connect your custom domain URL right from within your Shopify Admin. This guide will show you step by step how to purchase and connect a custom domain. 


I hope this helps, but if you have any further questions - be sure to ask and I would be happy to help!


Shopify Guru

*Karlie* | Social Care @ Shopify
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Hi Karlie,


Firstly, Thank you so much for you detailed feedback. It was really appreciated.

I have taken everything you mentioned into consideration.


Please take a moment and review my site again, I would really appreciate it.


Firstly, I do have a domain, I just did not add it onto the initial posting. The direct domain is

My social media pages are also up and running at | |


Secondly, the font and colour. This was a concern for me but people I have asked gave feedback that it’s okay but in my gut it just didn’t work for me, so you confirmed for me what I thought all along. You suggested Arial Bold. Under the supply theme fonts available I could not find it, but I found Daytona Font that I feel is a lot more easily readable. What is your thoughts on this font usage? With the headlines I changed the font to Beefcakes. I am worried about this to be fully honest. I love how it looks. I feel that little bit of bold pop for headlines makes a massive difference, but would it be perceived as more ‘child like’ of a font to use or do you think it fits into the overall vibes? I do like it, but I would appreciate honest feedback there.


The colour scheme I have changed to a more softer pink that I think works a bit better and not as sharp on the eyes. Subheadings I am changing the colour pink to black instead so only the main heading is the pink colour to make for an easier read.


Thirdly, my podcast page. Yes, yes it was an absolute mess. I do not know how I could even think that would work. I have now taken some of the main platforms, Gotten logos from those sites and hyperlinked the logos for the user to be able to simply click on it, instead of the messy URL links I had that was just…. Bad. Again I am shocked at myself haha.

The player is bothering me still though. My main platform is Anchor, that links everything up to podcast sites, but their own player is quite bad. Soundcloud player still looks the best. Busy trying to see if I cannot find a better player. That is a concern for me, I feel like I am missing something on this page. However overall, I feel I made a massive improvement.


With regards to social network feeds, I am using ‘instafeed’ / ‘social feed’ and ‘twitter feed’ APPS from the Shopify store. I placed it under the How to reach us Tab, as Follow us.

I have also added the feed of instagram on the main page at the bottom, my thinking here is to change the feed between facebook, insta and twitter when I want to push for more following with certain networks at different times.


I have also changed the imagery of the boxes, to better showcase how the boxes overall appearance will look on the page and added 19 Box categories, raising the 11boxes up to 30.


I am aware though that some product photos of the individual products needs fixing still like you said. That will be done in this coming week.

But overall, any feedback on the updates I have made? Can you at  least see a difference haha? I am open to criticism, so feel free to shout at me if you see a major or minor mistake. I am still learning.