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Hi fellow shopifiers! i have launched a store just under 3 months ago. Luckily i am already getting sales, but its slow and my conversion rate is below 1%. Do you guys have any feedback on the store that might give sales a boost? Thank you!


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I'm a fellow shopifier- Your store name is not on your landing page. Offerings seem to be saturated with red items- might want to add more colors on first page.

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Hey there, Laura!

Bo here from Shopify Support!

I must say that is an absolutely wonderful looking page. You are super consistent with your branding, from the colors used or the language implemented you are super consistent with your brand voice which is absolutely great to see. I have noticed that you have a blog attached to your navigation with only two posts. Now while it is great to run a blog, and I think every store should, it is also important to keep it updated regularly. When a blog has not been posted in a few months it can make the page seem somewhat inactive which isn't great for your customers. Building that customer's trust is important throughout the page and so when you have a blog that is so highlighted, you need to keep it updated.

Having a blog that is updated regularly is also great for SEO and feeds into what we call content marketing. SEO can play a huge part in bringing in sales and potential customers. SEO can play a huge part in bringing in sales and potential customers. The key to SEO is understanding what your customers will be looking for and ensuring your site is set up to best manage the products and content they are seeking. They say 80% of SEO is content. Want to learn all about content marketing? You can take this free course from Hubspot and become certified!

Offering free shipping is certainly one way to help with your conversions. Especially considering that consumers hate paying for delivery of their orders.

For example, in a report by ComScore, 61% of respondents said they would cancel an online purchase if not offered free shipping. Who knew, right?

Nobody likes to add a bunch of items to cart, fill out all the forms… and have a shipping fee suddenly applied to the order. It doesn’t matter if it’s tiny - it’s still more than the shopper has already committed to. It disrupts their thought sequence and affects the buying experience. What I would recommend in your case is to offer free shipping on orders over a certain amount. Speaking as someone who has done a lot of online shopping I can definitely say that this tactic works.

Let me know how this goes and if there is anything else I can assist you with, I'm happy to help!

All the Best,

Bo | Social Care @ Shopify
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Hi there Laura,

Your store looks good. I would change the logo. I would pick another more clear and more engaging logo. 

Also, your homepage photo is not professional. The first impression is the most important. I like the concept but you should replace the photo of the 4 girls with another with high analysis.

Good luck!

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