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Hi there!

We launched my online coffee store   and would like feedback on the overall look and how to optimize it so my potential customers will be happy to buy. 

Thanks in advance

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Overall your store looks really great! I think there are a few things you could do to improve.  Your initial loading screen, while it looks really cool, it takes awhile to actually load, a lot of customers won't want to wait around while it loads.  See what you can do to speed up the performance of your site. 

Also the images on your site are kind of low quality, especially the ones on the main banner, see if you can find some either higher quality images, or don't have that big title screen where you rotate through the images.

Really great logo!  It's simple and clean it looks awesome :D

I also really like the idea of the recipe section, I think people may read that for ideas, maybe you could consider adding product links in each recipe, because right now people won't know which products they should use for each recipe.

Also I noticed that when you scroll down on mobile and on desktop the buy button isn't always visible, if you use an app to make the buy button always visible the most important button in your store will within thumb's reach at all times no matter where a customer is on the page.  I actually made an app that can help out with that

Also one last thing, I noticed that the contact information in the footer of the site is blank.  You should either fill that out (which would be good), or delete it.

But overall really great work!  I can tell you put a lot of time into it

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Store was looking superb, i really happy to feedback your store.
I have a small suggestion. You can add the open new tab links in footer section of the“INFORMATION”, then your customers more time stay in your site.
You can promote your products regularly on Facebook page, It helps to increase the sales of your store.

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Hey Koffee Express. When you first land on the page there is alot going on. My eyes dont know where to go! 

I would suggest a landing image that conveys exactly what you do, dont go into selling straight away! You have to build them up to that.

These guys have a video when you land,

These dudes keep it nice and simply

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Hi there,

For some reason I couldn't load your website - I only had circulating squares in the middle of the screen?

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