Going BANANAS :) No sales yet - is my site ok?

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I just recently started advertising my business on facebook and instagram (from a zero awareness point).  People are heading to my site as a result but no sales as yet. I've also noticed that quite often people don't get off the landing page. It's still early days and I know i need to do a lot more to promote it. However, it would be so helpful to get some feedback on my site, and know if it could be standing in the way of making more sales?

You can visit it here -http://www.youvegottabanana.com

All feedback welcome and apprecited!

Thanks in advance. 


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im no expert and have the same issue, launched 2 days ago and no sales BUT! the only feed back I have is try to explain more how it works with less words. I dont know if that makes sense, like i knew what it was when i opened the page within 5 seconds  ( which is great ) i was just looking around trying to figure out HOW DOES IT WORK? maybe have like 

step 1 pick a banana

step 2 write your msg

step 3 we take care of the rest

anyway thats what i gathered good luck!

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Hi Olivia,

What a great Idea!!! I really liked your website and concept. 

From what you describe in your post, I think the main issue is that you're driving traffic to your website that is not targeted well enough to your store and product.

Therefore, I recommend you to use our Shopify app: AdScale.

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Let me know if you need any help!


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Hello Olivia,

It's really an appreaciable concept. The LOGO design is also nice. But a few drawbacks I can notice are 

  • It can have a "About Us" tab so that people can precisely know about your website when they visit.
  • Automatic image changing slides are more attractive to people. 
  • Images in the slides can be responsive so that they don't streched.

Hopefully these points may be helpful to you.