Good, Bad or Ugly?

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We just went live and would love any feedback. Is anything obviously missing or broken? Do the pictures look good? Anything else that might deter a potential customer? It's my first ecommerce attempt, so any feedback is appreciated.Thanks!!

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I am up against some stiff competition :(

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I think it looks great!  Photos are killer.  I looked at instagram too and I really dig your pics.  Which brings me to a question I had with my site.  You did the opposite of what I did with social links and made them open in the same window.  I don't know which is the right answer.  But I'm curious to see what others have to say about that one.

-Ken -- any words of wisdom for my store would be greatly appreciated -
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Yea that's an interesting question on the social links. We went uniform on our site as far as links, having all of links open in the same window. I could see an argument though to keep people on your site by having external links (like social) open in a new tab.

There could be an SEO impact related to time on site if someone organically found the site on google, then immediately jumped to your social in the same tab. I could see google potentially interpreting that as a jump away from the site and RankBrain or whatever it's called penalizing. In that scenario it could hurt me the way I have it set up.

Definitely something I'll have to do some research on. Don't know if there is anyone out there with more definitive knowledge that could contribute.


I really like your site. Here are some recommendations which you can implement on your site:


  • The addition of a photo of the products to the "Our Products" block can make it easier for a customer to understand what products this collection includes and encourage to learn more details about the products.
  • Opening social links in new tabs will help produce better user experience. The customer will then not have to leave your store and load the page again after a while.
  • A block with images from Instagram can engage more followers with the channel.
  • In order to inspire more confidence in the visitors of your store, place more information about your product to the "About Us" block. For example, "our products are made exclusively of safe and hypoallergenic ingredients".
  • If you have feedbacks, it would be great to add them to the home page in order to let new customers learn the experience of the ones who have already tried your products.


  • Unfortunately, there is a bug on the Collection page. The collection name and description are not displayed in some browsers (Mac OS, Firefox, and possibly in other browsers) -


  • Using thumbnails of the product images might help customers to understand how many other images of this product are available - Right now the image pagination is not obvious, its color coincides with the images on some product pages.
  • The "Share" buttons can attract more attention of the users if they are brighter and bigger.
  • Add the "You may also like" block (it might be available in your store theme, or you can use one of the free apps, for example
  • You can install the app for reviews (for example



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Thanks for the detailed comments, Arthur. I did end up making some changes to the "about us" page. I also plan to change the social links to open in a new tab.