Good traffic but 0 sales don't know what to do

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Hey guys 

i started my store 3 days ago now . With a makeup niche I have advertised on Instagram, facebook and the facebook ads are getting 5,000 views and a lot of clicks , I spent over £80 on advertising and i had over 200 visitors but no sales . Have i done anything wrong ? any advice would be very appreciated 


here is a link to my store that most people get via the ads


Thank you so much 




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Hi @yassa12, I'm Richard - Conversion Rate Optimization Expert from PageFly. I just had a look at your product page on both mobile and laptop. I have some feedback that you might find helpful

1. Include more product photos to facilitate visual evaluation. Include a close-up image of the mascara to highlight its feature, the mascara in use, mascara on lashes after being applied, etc. And these photos should be in a list where customers can see them all at once.

Having high-resolution and multiple product images increase customers' trust and confidence in purchasing your product.

See example of product images:



2. Give more info about product details. What are the ingredients? Is it cruelty-free? Is it safe for the environment? Give more details about your product to build trust and also to highlight why your product is more special than other mascaras.

3. Include Shipping date estimation. (i.e. Get this by August 30 - September 4) This will give customers a clear idea when they'll get the product without having to calculate like it is for shipping speed (i.e. 7-14 business days) or having to go all the way to the cart page to know the delivery date. It'd be great to make it easier in every way for your customers.





4. Include Return policy in the product page. This is to gain customers' trust and give them the confidence to buy your product.

5. Better optimize the laptop and mobile view

- For laptop view, when I first land on the website, the product image is partly cut out and there is no Call-to-action button immediately visible. I'd suggest customize these images for different devices to increase chance of sales. The design for laptop view should be horizontal rather than vertical like that of mobile view.

Screen Shot 2020-08-23 at 17.36.41.png


- For both views, I'd suggest making the sizes of customer review blocks equal. Right now they look quite unorganized and hard to navigate. For mobile view, maybe show fewer blocks per row so that the text won't enter a new line every so often, which makes it hard to read.

Screen Shot 2020-08-23 at 17.48.57.png


Those are my feedback for now! You can learn more by referring to this guide on Tips to Personalize Your Store, including home page, product page, cart page, etc. If you find my feedback helpful, please give it a like or accept it as a solution. Best of luck on your sales!

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thank you so much