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Hi, I am a co-owner of The Shape Label.

My problem is that I have traffic, but few sales. The shop is nearly 3 months old. I have been hovering over break-even. Some days, I end up having no sales at all and sometimes break-even. I tried advertising on Facebook before, but I have noticed more success on Google ads. This is my landing page for the product I am advertising for: 


Any advice is highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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Hey there, @Mouleyy

First of all, I’m impressed. You’re looking at your paid campaigns and determining which ones are working and which ones aren’t working. That’s a huge step in the right direction, and you should be proud that you’re noticing a difference. Great job! When it comes to paid campaigns, it pays to identify what’s working and what’s not.

Okay, let’s jump into the website. 

Easy fixes:

  • Link your announcement bar. Also, use a countdown timer instead of a date. 
  • Make sure your social media links open in a new tab rather than the same tab

Now, on to the product landing page: 

  • When there are questions about why people aren’t converting, I always turn to session recordings first. Session recordings capture everything your visitors did while on your site, making it kind of like a DVR for your website. In your case, you can see if they land on your product page, stay for a few seconds and then leave. Or you may see that they click around a little because going to a different product or searching for more information. 
  • I’m looking at your photos, and you would benefit from understanding more about your target audience. I would run a poll to see what is more important to your visitors - pain relief? Improve posture? Because a doctor recommended it? Easy to use? That will help you customize your messaging to their needs. 
  • Use a heatmap (which shows where people click)  to evaluate your images because there are a lot of them and not all may be needed. For example, your second image is the “Doctor Recommended” image. However, nowhere on the page does it mention this or explain what “certified” really means. Unless you can back up this claim, remove the image. Another example is the image in the white/gray brace. Since that’s not an option on this page, I would remove it. 
  • General layout: I like your page in that it’s easy to read, but the right column ends up trailing quite a bit. Use a scroll heatmap  to evaluate how far people are scrolling. My concern is that they aren’t scrolling as deep as you think they are, and they are missing critical information like the sizing chart. Some of this information (like the Product Specifications and Product Care) have the option to be collapsed or expanded to allow for visitors to expand it if they are interested in learning more. Other information, the 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, can live in its own page. You could then link the first mention of this at the top of the page instead of dedicating precious space on the page to the block of text. 
  • Guest Services: You need a live chat option for visitors to get answers to their questions in real time. If your visitors aren’t buying because they have questions, live chat will let you answer them while they are still on your site. 

As  I clicked around your site, I found a lot of opportunities for you to really dive into visitor behavior. On your homepage, for example, your collection list with engaging names was buried at the bottom of the page. If you use a scroll heatmap, you would see just how many visitors actually reach it. 


Additionally, many of your features aren’t clickable, including “The Shape Label,” “Good Posture and a Healthy Back…” and “Benefits of Improving Your Posture.” Those are missed opportunities to expand your brand’s expertise and to make the most out of your homepage.

I would suggest using heatmaps, especially click heatmaps, and session recordings to dive into what people are doing on your website. Even though you aren’t directing people to your homepage, people likely are still visiting it. You don’t want to lose a potential sale because they are confused. 

Tip: Filter heatmaps and session recordings by your sources and campaigns to really understand which ones are your best traffic drivers. One campaign may drive more traffic but another one may drive more conversions.

I hope this helps as you grow your business. I know you may feel in a frustrating place now, but visitor behavior is going to help you see exactly what’s stopped more people from converting on this page or any part of your store. Lucky Orange has heatmaps, session recordings, polls, chat and more with a free trial (no credit card needed) and plans that start at US $10/month.

Good luck!

Cheers - Danny

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I liked the product. You are seeing not much conversion on this?
Do you think $39.95 price could be an issue for some of the high end products?

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Hey @Mouleyy,

We've reviewed your store:

We hope our feedback was helpful. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us! All of the ways you can contact us are in our signature. We hope your sales improve!

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Hi @Mouleyy !

Welcome to Shopify!

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Homepage designs guides your visitors around your website. To engage visitors you need to work on homepage layout design.  Include trust indicators on the homepage. Homepage content should be strategically decided.

I have also found that there are only a few products in your store, try adding more products so that your customers will have a lot of options to select from.

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Your store is great with useful products. With more people working remotely with long hours of sitting the products find value. It may need more focused targeting to promote to customers with immediate need. If you want to complement your online marketing efforts with mail-in marketing to a subset of customers, you may want to look at this post