Google can't locate me. What have I done wrong?

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Hi all. Being a man and a smart ass, I didn't think I would need anyone's help but 4 weeks after creating my Shopify store and making no sales and in fact not being able to find myself on Google searches, I have realised something has not been done. Please help!!!


My url is and my shop is based in Australia. I sell, Strategy Games, Dungeon Dragon books and miniatures, Nanoblocks, plastic model kits of military and cars and movie and horror characters.


The business name was already registered as I had planned and still do, plan to create miniature figurines and trophies and cast them in pewter. Still have a lot to learn about this and so thought that returning to retail hobbies in the interim would at least give me some income and establish a brand name and then slowly introduce the products I will manufacture myself.


At the moment this is a sideline business that I hope will prosper enough for me to leave paid employment and work out of a shed into retirement. I am looking forward to all and any feedback ( a little positive) but I expect mainly helpful but negatively constructive.


Looking forward to hearing from you all.



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Hi - Google is indexing some of the pages of your site (just search for your domain name in Google and you'll see some of your pages). If you login to Google Search Console it will show you exactly Google has and hasn't indexed. Also I take it you have submitted your site map?


Ranking for your keywords takes time and more importantly some effort, just launching your website won't really cut it, you need to actively do some SEO for your site (link building, blog posts, keyword optimisation etc.)


In terms of sales overall, are you doing any marketing e.g. facebook, google ads etc.

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Hi Jon,


Thanks for the information. Submitted my Site Map....uummmmm. I'm pretty sure I haven't done this because I have no idea how.


I did have a crack at the Google Search Console. I got stuck at the point where it said to configure my DNS.


You are correct there is a lot more to it than just loaded some items for sale.


I haven't done Facebook yet, so I'll do that this weekend. 


Your advice is much appreciated, thanks.



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Sounds like you have to teach yourself some SEO or get some help.

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