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Hey guys/gals I just opened my first shopify store and I am getting really nervous. I am driving traffic but I can't even get a single conversion. Here is my store I worked hard on this and I get that the market doesn't care! However I feel like I'm missing something HUGE on my store that is making me fail. I have asked others to look but they all say it looks good which is not what I want! I want something I can use to make it better. I want some guidance to get me on the right track. Any and all help is appreciated in this. Thanks guys!



Alexander Cook

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I just view your store .
You did a great job based on the layout and it coming good .
You need to add social media , also if you have video you can embedded it but it's optional.

Note that you need automation and workflow .

Let me know if you you need anything ask and more insight

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Dear alexanderC,


Congratulation for your store. We have gone through your store and hope the following suggestion will help you.


1. Optimize your store loading speed for mobile and desktop

2. Optimize your each product landing page

3. Optimize your store for SEO

4. Are you using Facebook and Instagram Shop for sale
6. Add blog section

7. Need to work on cart page

There are other areas you need to work

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Thanks & Regards

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Hi Alex,


You have a good concept for your store - I'm quite sure there will be plenty of pet lovers out there that would to make their pets feel relaxed and comfortable! I like the branding, and it's a fun product range.


But I have to be honest that your store does need a lot of work on the foundations of a good online business and user experience, that gives site visitors clarity on why they should buy from you and helps them trust in your business and products. I'd highly recommend not spending any money on advertising and driving traffic to your store, until you address the following as a minimum:


1. Overall Design and Page Layouts - The page layouts are quite clunky, with inconsistent image sizes, page layouts etc. Consider finding or buying a better theme that will create a good structure to work with. Also would be good idea to remove the animated gifs to make it look more professional.


2. Customer Journey -  You should consider the home page as the introduction for new shoppers to learn about your business, establish trust, understand what you offer, and help them move to the next stage such as a collection page/product page. There is some great information in the product page such as "Most of the time anxiety in pets can simply be solved with a better night’s rest" this should on your home page!


3. Product Photography - It's great to have photos with the pets using the product to get people thinking about their pet, but some high quality photos of the products from different angles, with better lighting, and more professional background would be important for the product page. As people can't touch and feel the item before purchase, it's critical for them to clearly see what they are buying.


4. Mobile Experience - You will most likely find that half of your shoppers are using a mobile to browse your site, and if it doesn't look good/work properly they won't buy from you, so need to make sure this is well tested and works.


5. Building Trust - Overall the site is too pushy on selling the product things like "we're blowing up on social media" and the reviews which don't look like they are from a trusted source such as Google. I'd suggest focusing more on providing clear, useful, and valuable information to shoppers, and less on pushing for the sale as quick as possible. Also suggest to use discounts more sparingly, 50% is a huge discount and people might think the product is low quality.


I really hope that helps and gives you the honest feedback you are looking for. This is really the starting point of the process, but now you have a start - you can focus on trial and error over time to get the experience right.



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What do you mean by workflo?and can you give me a straight answer on this question. Do I have to wait and get suppliers before I finish my store cause i don't want to have to back and forth. And I'd like to have 💯 completion done so that when I apply for suppliers my chances are high for acceptance.
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