HELP! Traffic but no sales. Need feedback on my store

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Thank you for your feedback. I will look at implementing all this including Buy Now which I think is a very good point.

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Hi @ericb88

Have seen your store and it looks clean. I like that. 

Here are some of my suggestions for you: 

1. Homepage: 

- On your banner, you can have more than one banner (slider). For example, some sliders can show specific products. 

- When I hover on these products, nothing happens. So I think your visitors will feel disappointed because they cannot see another product image. 


- This section should have a CTA button. 



- On your homepage, you should add: 

+ The Reviews section to increase your social proof. 

+ One section shows 1 particular product because now you only have three. 


2. Product pages: 

I think you're doing great on your product pages. 

However, you can make your customer shopping experience better by having:

- Buy Now button 

- Sticky Add to Cart bar

- More Upsell or Cross-sell methods if you have more products in the future. Product Bundles is a good option. 

- Reviews section


3. Other: 

- Create a section/page that allows your customers to compare two products on your site. This will help your visitors pick the right one easier. 

- I think your product prices are quite high. Do you try to research your competitors? their prices, their sites, or their marketing plan. 

- Try the Abandoned Cart process to keep your customer's attention. 

I think you're doing fine. You only need to upgrade your site a little bit and focus on your marketing strategy. 


Hope this helps!

Happy selling, 


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