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Here's my store : www.achillesmassager.com


How do you think I can improve it? Feel free to give negative criticism , Im open to all feedback.

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Hi @RyanHan 

Just had a look at your store. Congratulations it's really professional and contains a lot of cool ingredients on the homepage. I just had some suggestions to improve the header section. 

First of all, The brand logo is unclear. Make it prominent. The name should be clearly written so that the user can understand the product when they see the logo. 


Secondly, the banner graphic is good and communicating the customer value, however, the caption "Live Pain-Free Today" looks a bit unclear. Its font and mixing with the banner colors need to be revisited to make it more prominent and value-based. Also, the graphic of your product seems a little off on the side. Its placement should be changed and it should be properly merged with the graphic. I won't mind changing the entire graphic of the banner where the products fit best. The banner section carries the first impression so make sure it should look top-notch for the new visitors.


The rest of the homepage section is superb. Just add a Facebook live chat widget since your product is health-based so it would be great if you connect with your audience directly by having a welcoming message to new customers and answer their queries right away.

I don't think so you need a catalog page as it just shows a single product at the moment, so I would suggest adjusting the order section to your homepage.



Add social icons to your header/footer section. If you are getting sales, integrate a social proof mechanism to your store so that your new visitors will get real-time sales notifications. This will establish goodwill for your product and the chances of sales will increase.

I would also suggest adding a blog page to your website. You can share tips and articles related to the back problems, advantages of using a belt, etc. This will help in your organic rankings and also will eventually establish you as an authority on your niche. Good Luck





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Hi @RyanHan 

After spending few minutes on your Product Page, I have some suggestions that you can apply to make it better.

1. Make header bar sticky

Screen Shot 2020-09-18 at 15.24.53.png

This would be more convenient for all users if they're scrolling up and down in your store. They still can access to another section during surfing and easily checking what inside Cart right now or searching for a specific item.

2. Product Description

I found that you're using tab to separate these information inside your product, but it's quite to see it here. I highly recommend put it in a table so that everyone can access it easily.

Screen Shot 2020-09-18 at 15.32.47.png

I don't know why you put these benefits of your product outside of product description, I think you can keep it inside a tab above. Because these pictures related to your product and it would be better when customers can read it more convenience just in product section.

Screen Shot 2020-09-18 at 15.35.10.png

3. Cross-bundles

In the future, if you have more and more products you can put it under the current Review section inside your product. It will boost your conversion rate a lot.

4. Shipping

Shipping and returns are still the two biggest downsides of eCommerce and the major causes of site abandonment. Though the problems that lead to cart abandonment vary, cart abandonment can basically be minimized if this information is made clear on the product page.

  • Always include estimated shipping cost and shipping date
  • Be cautious when using “Free delivery”. Try to avoid surprising people with additional costs on “Free deliver” products. 
  • If a product is available for “Free delivery”, place the badge near the “Buy” button

These are my recommendations that maybe useful for you. Other while, you can check out this article to optimize your product page.


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@RyanHan hello my opinion, please turn off autoplay your brand video. 

on my phone, it is stopped and your site works perfectly

on my laptop, it plays automatically and it annoys me because I can't figure out from the first seconds where stop that sound



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