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While chatting with Shopify - regarding the closing my shop issue - i was advised to post here for great help , tips and feedbcak.


My shop is opened a year now and i have had few to no sales. I have also very few visitors and i do not have $$ top invest on ads... so... i've been using some FIVERR SEO marketing research tols, instagram influencers, pinterest posts, facebooks and all the possible shopify apps to help boost sales and visitors, yet no luck and most important no sales!!!


I’v been selling on etsy and Amazon - with their own paid and target promotions and i can say i've been successful, but do not seem to be through my on shopify shop which is making me feel very frustrated.



I’d really appreciate any feedback! :)

This is my first standalone online business, and I’m not sure at what point I should consider doing away with the Shopify store and re-focusing on etsy and amazon.

Thank you so much for your help!!!





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Hi Isabel 


Few suggestions 


Main Menu: I'd change the menu to be more clean. 


Products                     Sale       Contact     About    Blog 

(Drop Down) 








Load Speed: It was taking awhile to load the pages. You can check the issues with your load speed and what is slowing your site down on the below link.


COzy load Speed.PNG


Social Media: All your icons in the footer go straight to your social pages on the same browser tab. Feel like people get lost on social and might not come back to your store. Can make them open new browser tab would be good. 


Pricing: Is your pricing good compared to other sites like yours ? I'm not in this niche just question. 


Blog: Could add blog to main menu also. I'm sure you would have some cool stories to share with customers. 


About Us: I like this page. More people should share why they want to do there business. 


Heading Text: I would change this to something with some style like your products :) 


Hope this helps 

Keep up the good work

Clayton Bates 

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Hi Cozy Detailz, 

A lot of customisation work is needed in your store. Visitors are visiting your store but they are not converting because your store is not appealing enough to grab the interest of the visitor. Therefore, there is traffic but no conversion. The header, footer and body of your website needs to be organised. The navigation and collection needs to be improved and made specific. Ultimately, it needs to be made appealing enough to grab customer's interest.

Moreover, you need to be active on social media and post about the uniqueness of your business/products on a daily basis.

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thank you so much for your tips and suggestions.

Will definitely work on them.

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I really congratulate you on opening your small business! Jewelry has been very popular lately so I'm sure you'll have a lot of customers in the future. First of all, if you have an online business, I advise you to create a really beautiful and user-friendly website, like this one kspjewelry.com. Creating a website won't be expensive, so I'm sure you can afford it. Of course, without promoting the site on such platforms as Instagram or Facebook, it will be difficult, so I advise you to save up money and buy advertising on these platforms.