Hangover Prevention Pill created but now I need help with marketing/conversions!

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Amazing idea! 


A few ideas for you: 

-If you don't feel you're good at marketing, it would be a good idea to get someone on board who can help you on at least a part-time basis. There are quite a few names in the Shopify partners listings that can help with marketing and copywriting tasks. 

-I think you could really benefit from influencer marketing. Influencers would happily recommend a hangover cure to their followers. You can use the Carro app to help you find influencers that already love your brand. It's free to use and can make the process of partnering with influencers super easy. 

-Also, I think you need a web series. I could see influencers creating content showing off their best/worst drunk moments, then showing in the morning that their Hangover Hero worked! Look up Drunk History on YouTube for some inspiration. This would be super shareable, entertaining, and funny content that could really drive a lot of traffic to your site.


Hope that helps! Good luck!

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