Have I been duped? Feedback - Professional design vs Mine

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Hi everyone.

In my efforts to have a polished and profitable store I responded to a ad from 'alidrop web development' and asked for help in my store design.

They basically told me that I should turn my store off https://kalaspirit.com/ and let them build me a proper one, one that would generate sales. I agreed for a new site to be built but I wanted to keep my one going.

They said it would be 7 days however it was 3 weeks before my new 'awesome store' would be built, one that featured 'trending' products and would be profitable.

The new site is https://www.yourgizmoshop.com/ .

Why I am writing this post is I think the new store is crap, my store Kalaspirit.com (I think) is better.


I am thinking of going back to Ali Drop and expressing my disappointment over the site and the products, which in my view are rubbish and easily obtainable at a local discount shop.


Can I please ask for any views on the two sites and please tell me the truth, is mine that bad, I only want one store as I dont want the complexity of running two..............which one do I turn off?


Thanks again




Hi @Kala 


Do they have refund policy ? This is why I always have a refund policy in case client isn't happy. Not that anyone has ever asked for refund. 


The problem with buying websites like this one is how many times have they sold the same website or going to sell the same website with different logo ? 


If you're lost I would look for someone who has done it themselves before and made sales online. Most companies tell you do x,y,z and have never done it or helped anyone do what they tell you to do. 


I wouldn't let this experience discourage you. Just a learning experience. 


I wish you luck and hopefully you will crush it online in soon 



Clayton Bates 

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