Hello! I would appreciate some feedback on my new store.

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Feedback! www.thestripesinme.com Thank you

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Congratulations on your Store I had a look on your Store, Merchants who don’t have a coding background should consider using software, like Shopify and BigCommerce, to set up their online store. These programs have built-in store templates, so sellers can easily customize their sites without any knowledge of programming or graphic design.

Shopify allows sellers to easily customize their online store design.


For sellers interested in Shopify, check out our guide on the platform’s free store themes to start taking advantage of the software’s design tools.

As a suggestion I am telling you about Descrii and it's advantage is it Save the description directly from the Descrii app. No need to copy and paste the description to Shopify product editor and save from there.


I hope you like it. Link is here - 




Hi @TheStripesInMe,

I’m Richard. I have some comments on your product page (I see this: https://www.thestripesinme.com/collections/womens-apparel/products/signature-womens-racerback-tank-v...). May it help!

1. Add more images of product from multiple angles.

With visual product, product images often behave as users’ entry point to exploring products on product details pages. I advise you should add more product images and from multiple angles. Customer can want to know how it looks like from behind. And customers can also want to know how it looks like when someone wears it. It would be better if you add 1-2 product images on a model so that customers can imagine about product easily.

In addition, I think you should use magnifier feature for product image instead of pop up. Magnifier feature helps customers enlarge the product and see product details more clearly and more conveniently

2. Include return policy in your product page.

Because of online purchase, many customers will see or check fully before buying. Sometimes they will feel unsure about the fit of the tank top. An attractive return policy can actively reduce purchasing anxiety and make them decide quickly.

You can add a link to return policy page on your product page or create a product page section named “Shipping and Returns” for example.

See the examples below:





3. Subdivide long product description with sections and headings.

I can see the product description is quite long and many information. And you put this part in only the left side, so the right side is blank:

Signature Women's Racerback Tank - Venetian Grey – TheStripesinme 2020-08-15 23-22-27.png


I think this will affect customer experience and make them feel hard to cover information and some even avoided reading the product description altogether. I suggest you should subdivide the description with sections and headings and put it full the page section. You can see this example:



With this arrangement, it will be easy for users to scan for specific information. In addition, you can use bullet list or icons for description to make it more attractive.

You can learn more tips of designing converting product page by referring to this article (you can open it in a new tab).

If you find my comments helpful, you can like or mark it as a solution for you. Have a great day!

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