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Would appreciate any feedback on how to improve and boost sales. Seeing traffic but no conversion. Feeling kinda demoralized. Anything helps! Thank you in advance

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Here are a few tips. I’ll review yours if you review mine.

first you might want to add a size chart in your pull down. Also, you might want to put your shipping terms in your pull down. Last you might want to add a review app. Other than that, looks pretty good to me.


I’m at


please offer a review on my site.


Good luck.

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Hi there! Maggie, Shopify Expert here  

Congrats on a new store, I absolutely love the name! The top navigation is user-friendly, which is important for the conversion

The sliding images could definitely be better - they don't show your visitors what you are offering - so they have to do all the hard work themselves, make an effort to really discover if what you have is for them. Online, that's considered a bad user experience and can definitely affect conversion rate. 

The best converting stores don't leave people guessing - they follow the 3-second rule: show your visitors your product/offer and let them understand what you can do for them within the first 3 seconds from landing on your website.

You can improve it by showing one of your products in the sliding banner. You have great items - your visitors can then feel more comfortable knowing what they can buy from you, and decide to browse further, click and buy. Remember also to add a CTA [call to action] to each image in the slideshow. Link it to a relevant collection or a product [the more specific the beter]. Avoid linking to the homepage or to all collections. If you show a specific product, link to it, don't expect the visitors to make an effort and find it themselves. The easier you make it to buy from you [customer journey], the faster you will convert.

The brand name across the product image looks kind of tacky - and it feels distracting. I actually gets in the way of seeing the product in full, which affects the user experience and your conversion rate:

Screenshot 2020-10-18 at 08.09.40.png


Consider uploading images with no text to allow your visitors see the product clearly.

On your FAQ page you mention you offer free delivery locally - but you don' mention what areas "locally" covers. Your visitors don't know where you are located, let alone which area do you consider local to you [whole city, county, country]? I understand you are based in Singapore, as your prices are in SGD, but again, this is an assumption, which I did to go the extra mile to help you. Your visitors won't be prepared to do it - they would rather go shop somewhere else where they would find clearer shipping rates, make sure you ship to their location, how long is the delivery etc. So far you expect a lot from your visitors while no making a lot of effort yourself when it comes to trust signals, user experience and smooth buying process. Sorry if it's too harsh, but with the online stores popping up all the time, it's important to go the extra mile at each step to make sure you serve your customers better than your competitors. 

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