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I have two dropshipping sites: and

I am considering Shutting them down because I have yet to make one sale. baddiebynature has been up for over a month now. Freshfacefwd is coming up on a month. I have a good amount of traffic with the use of ads but no sales. I have used Facebook, Google adwords, pinterest, Instagram, and kit. I have spent over $300 on advertising. I understand you have to spend money to make money but I'm a broke college student. I don't have the funds to keep trying. Maybe you all can suggest free or cheap things? Or even things I could fix on my websites? I'm just so frustrated at this point. I've watched so many YouTube videos. I'm still where I started. Maybe it's still early. I don't know. I just wanted to have made at least one sale by now. So I may shut them down until I can devote more money to it. The funny thing is I've enjoyed building it and it makes me sad to think about closing. I'm just embarrassed of my short comings (when it comes to family and friends asking about it) and I'm losing too much money. So I'm not sure. I guess I was looking for some light at the end of the tunnel from you wonderful people on these discussions boards. *sigh* I don't want to give up on her.

Update: I have now spent over $600 dollars without making one sale. I don't know what to do..

Thank you all.
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Hi @SamanthaMicheIe 

In dropshipping the shipping time is always a big concern so when you are planning to do dropshipping first go in for local drop shipping products. Ex - If you are from USA check out local vendors who can give you dropship facility. Dropshipping from China or EU and target audience is USA does not work.


Swimwear sells good keeping in mind the above scenario.


Second the website freshfacefwd this website has "electronic item" (Mini Microcurrent Massager) AND  Ultrasonic Hot & Cold Facial Massager now as a user the user before buying this kind of item they first check the warranty. I would also suggest that keep more local vegan cosmetic and skin care products.


Do not spend any money on Digital Channels. Keep above points in mind first please.




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Hey @SamanthaMicheIe ,


I loved your store. You got some great products in both of your stores. Starting a new business online can be intimidating—and one of the most disheartening challenges you can run into is when you’ve done your research, poured days and weeks of work into your online store, and you’re still not seeing the traffic or sales that you’d like.


 Don’t give up.  Before wasting all your money on facebook ads learn that your site doesn't convert your traffic sales—You need to validate your website before you spend money on traffic (ads). You need to make your store ready for engagement. Make sure your store is ready to capture and engage new visitors. If not then you may end up losing all your money. Because if you’re seeing a good amount of traffic but it’s not translating into sales, it may indicate there’s something about your site that’s not convincing customers to go through with a purchase. Here are some minor suggestions that are not allowing to make sales on your store


1. If your site isn’t aesthetically pleasing, it’s more difficult to convince your customers that you’re worth buying from. Try to add more product to your store.

2. Pop-up Banners- I would personally recommend you to go for a 45-sec-pop-up at the entry. Conversion rates for pop ups are high and most surprising discovery is that the pop up doesn't increase bounce rate at all.

This is ample time for your audience to get hooked by your content, whilst also being quick enough to catch skimmers before they leave.

3. Loyalty Program- Start using loyalty programs for customers for every action they take on your store. A loyalty program entices your visitors to keep engaged with your product and website.

In Fact, you can rewards loyalty points to your store visitors when they "allow" your push notification opt-in or when they share your store on social media and a lot of other activities.

4. Web Push Notifications- Push notifications, which allows you to send push notifications in real-time to the user's browser. Engage customers will lead to an increase in repeat customers.

5. Blogs- Using a blog, you can educate customers about your product or services. You can use the blog to share customer success stories and how your product helps them to solve problems.

As we know, "Content is King", post valuable post which benefits the readers.

6. Chatbot- Chatbots in your business is that they save time. For instance, when used on your website they can provide fast, automated answers to most questions.

This will engage your customers and prevent customers from waiting for a day or longer to receive responses as they would have in the past.


Moreover, I suggest trying out AiTrillion, full-fledged marketing solution, which is integrated with the aforementioned applications. It will help you to capture and attract traffic on your store. For more, you can contact me here.




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