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Hi, I'd appreciate any help or feedback!

My store:


Today I have added two new products to my store (before it was a one product store) - I've created a video and an image ad for one of the new products. All my ads overall are now generating viewers and traffic to the site. Today was the first time I have hit 200 visitors in a day!


Since opening my store last Friday, I have has 7 sales. Yesterday and Today, though - Zero.

I need some advice on how I can make my store more trustworthy/build my conversion rate and atleast try to get some sales.

Thank you

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Our team was just looking at your website, and we truly like how you put the effort with your design and making it look like a top notch website.

Our team of designers belive this website/company can make a minimum of $400,000 in sales within 5 months EASILY!
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Hi there, @LewisFellowes!

Congrats on hitting 200 visitors in one day! That’s a huge first step, and now let’s get your first 200 SALES in one day too. 


I normally start at the homepage, but if you’re driving traffic from Facebook, it’s not to the homepage. I looked in the Facebook Ads Library and saw a few of your ads and the landing pages for them.

First impression: Get rid of the notification request prompt. That’s something that can be useful, but it’s popping up the moment someone lands on your site. It’s asking for a relationship before someone even knows anything about you! If you want to use it, consider moving it to someone’s second or third visit and put a gap between landing on a page and the display. 


Right now I’m looking at your Nylon Reflective Collar. Overall, I would highly suggest using tools like heatmaps (to see where people click) and session recordings (to watch what happened during a visit). Because you don’t know what’s happening to stop someone from checking out, using visitor behavior really shows you barriers and pain points you didn’t know existed.  


Back to the product page...

I like that you have reviews and that you mention free shipping on orders to specific countries. For other countries, I would make it clear how much shipping costs as well.

I see that you have a currency localization tool, but it’s even better when it’s automatic. Right now I have to manually adjust it, which doesn’t sound like much until you think of whether or not a customer will be willing to mess with it. You could use session recordings here to watch people interact with the currency. 


Your ordering is very smooth and easy, so kudos for that. I also love that engraving is included! 


Use heatmaps to evaluate your description. Having the logo front and center didn’t make a lot of sense to me. At the bottom of the description, there was a link for full details. It took me to the same page though!

Also, I like that you have your contact information right in the description, but I wouldn’t say “If you receive the wrong order or incorrect engraving…” That makes me more nervous! It makes me think that it must be a common occurrence!

I would leave it at, “We want you to love our product! If you aren’t 100% satisfied, let us know; we’ll make things right.” Something like that. It puts the spin that you want to take care of them. 


For the sizing guide, could you add a few dog breeds that would be considered a Medium or Large?

I can’t ignore the homepage. Use heatmaps to evaluate your rotating hero images. It’s going by so fast, and that’s hurting the customer experience rather than helping it. Focus on one message and one static hero instead. Right now it’s just too much. 


Another issue I found: Your banner links to the catalog page rather than the newsletter subscription. It’s kind of confusing. If I want 15% off, I’m sent to the collections? I would work on that flow a bit.

Also, use heatmaps to evaluate your menu bar. See what customers think and if there are some pages you can remove from it and keep in the footer.

Really, I think you’re on the right track here! Visitor behavior will help you see what’s stopping customers from converting and show you where you can improve. Lucky Orange has heatmaps and recordings (as well as other features) with a free trial (no credit card needed) and plans that start at US $10/month.

I hope this helps. Good luck!


Cheers -

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Thank you so much for this!

I've made most of these changes and will be doing some more tomorrow!

In the meantime, while trying to create a newsletter page for my announcement redirect, I deleted two files for some reason and now have no newsletter in my footer. Waiting for a response atm on that.


Hello, try this app Instant CTA to place a floating CTA throughout the store pages to remind customers to sign up for the newsletter, also you can use the app to feature a product in your store, it should increase sales for the featured product.

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I have took a look of your website. Since you have markets that cover UK, USA, Canada and Australia, displaying price in Euros doesn't make sense to any of these markets, as people use British pond, US dollar, Canadian dollar, and Australia dollar. It could easily turning your potential customers away from your potential markets by showing a frenzy currency. It makes your products not easily accessible to your customers.


It is best to display price with local currencies based on your visitors' geolocation. For example, if a visitor is in the US, and he goes to your website, it will automatically display price with USD. If he is in Australia, it will automatically display price with AUD.  


In such case, you may potentially use Shopify Currency Selector and Geo Redirect tool. If the currency is changed, it will add a parameter to the URL, like, or Geo Redirect tool can detect your website visitors' geolocation by IP and auto direct them to correct website URLs, auto displaying price with their local currencies. 


It is one of the geo targeting strategies that you could do. If you are interested more about get targeting to increase conversion rates among your international customers, you can look at the post: 3 tips on how to build consumer relationships with a geotargeting platform


Hope it helps!