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Hello everyone! 

I have launched my store there is a month now. I have about 300 visits a day but 0 add to cart or purchase.

Can anyone help me please to understand what should I do in order to improve my sales?

My webiste is

Thank you 

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It will be great if you give us more details about what marketing initiatives you've done so far. I'll help you out with a couple of questions :

1- You said your store had about 300 visits, what was the source of that traffic? Was it coming from Facebook ads campaings ?

2- If my above speculation is correct, What was the campaign objective? Was it link clicks ?

3- I visited your website and it looks decent (although your logo is quite small) , now please don't take it the hard way, but don't you find your prices a bit high? I know these are your original designs but why would someone pay $40 for a hoodie having your logo on it? I'm sure lilandlaya is a good brand name but still, not quite famous to have an audience ready to spend money on their logo as a shirt mock up.


My third point shouldn't be a stop path for you, infact this should give you an idea on what might cause your lack of conversions. I'd suggest your start again with other designs, or at least try to find a creative way to "insert" your brand name on your shirts.

I'm still looking to get answers for my previous point and I'm sure I can help you find what the issue might be.


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I agree with Andy. 

YourYlogo is too small AND you need to suitch colors so easy to read against the background you have. :)


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